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Eliza Armand, founder and blogger at www.fashion-confession.com
Eliza Armand is a Fashion blogger & YouTuber , runs Fashion Confession Blog and a YouTube Channel, lives in Germany and is blowing up on the internet with over 20k Twitter followers and 70k Instgram fans in a few short months.

Let’s be honest, my career has been always related to the fashion business, I worked over 10 years as a fashion journalist. But due to my move from one place to another, I wanted to ensure that I kept sharp and up to date with my journalistic skills. I decided the best way to do this, would be to start a blog. Thus, Fashion Confession was born. I started to take it seriously from February 2015, and just a little over half a year I started my YouTube channel with the same name, and I have to say, I won’t stop. As I can see my circle of subscribers is growing constantly, I love being able to provide content to like-minded individuals who enjoy watching and reading my work. So a fashion blog and a YouTube channel are sort of an obvious choice of becoming a professional outlet for me“.

Fashion Confession has worked with brands from across the globe as well as featuring in international publications – get in touch to hear more!

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