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Several weeks ago I was looking for a very comfy and backless bra for my backless dress. I know, it can be a real problem to find a really good one, whether it is transparent or not. So I decided to order a Multiback bra from Wild Parsley, because I heard a lot about them. And the other reason I’ve ordered this bra-set was, that it has interchangeable back bands which are designed to be seen.

They have a lot of different colours, depending on what dress you would like to wear. So I ordered two – a classical black and a pink polka-dots, because I have a lot of vintage 50s-dresses.

At the first time, it was not so convenient to wear, because the locks are located in an unusual place under the arm, meaning no unsightly clasps when worn with backless garments or bulges in the middle of your back when worn under clothing. So you really need to have some practice, but when you do, believe me, you won’t wear anything else. The cups are so convenient, and your confidence is boosted because the Multiback bra provides the comfort and support you expect of a traditional bra. Plus, there is no visible band line, which means there is no unsightly clasp bulge in the middle of your back and you won’t feel tired or uncomfortable during the day.

So whether you’re going to a picnic, a wedding, a festival, a day at the races or on holiday, there is a back band to suit. But it can also be just a really fun fashion accessory.

And what do you personally prefer, when wearing a backless dress? You suggestions will be highly appreciated!

  • This is a great idea! Can these be worn without a back strap, though?

    • I wished it too, but, unfortunately, no. But they have a variety of different colours and fabrics to choose from.

  • I need one of this.

    • This is probably the best bra, I’ve ever had!

  • That is pretty cool!

    • and convenient, if you wear backless dresses! 🙂