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Less than four months are left till summer time. Are you ready for that? Have you started doing your fitness training on a daily basis or thinking about hair removal with some special treatments? If you have decided that you are sick of shaving or waxing all the time to get rid of body hair, you’re not alone. Many people are just as tired of those processes as you are. But your decision doesn’t stop there. You still have to decide what you want to do instead. The two obvious choices are Intense Pulsed Light hair removal and laser hair removal devices.


One thing that can help you to make your final choice is knowing what makes the two types of treatment different from each other. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses wider pulses of light, as the name suggests. The light is produced on a certain frequency, which is meant to treat the roots of each hair. Those roots, or follicles, control the rate of hair growth. So, when they’re damaged or otherwise disrupted, the hair takes longer to regrow.

Laser devices do a similar thing, but by using a focused, constant beam of light, which usually also produces quite a bit of heat. Most laser machines are said to be more accurate and produce longer lasting effects than IPL devices, but the heat they cause also makes them a poor choice for certain people. They can also be less effective for those that have dark colored skin because many lasers are calibrated to target dark hair that shows up against the background of lighter skin tones.

Regardless of which type of hair removal procedure you want to try, you should know that you don’t have to go to a clinic to have it done. In fact, you can treat yourself at home with home IPL or laser devices. However, the machines used in clinics are stronger, and the technicians are highly trained. So, if you are trying to rid yourself of a few annoying hairs then home treatment might be fine.

But if the problem is more complicated then it might be time to seek clinical assistance. A trained clinician can easily treat a larger area. Of course, you may need a series of treatments at first, and the process may need to be repeated at a later date as well. All of the hair won’t permanently disappear, but it should take much longer to grow back in after a clinical treatment.

If you do decide to undergo treatment in a clinic, you should take your time finding one. Be sure to do some research and look into the clinics reputation and credentials. You can even ask for references. You should never have any medical procedure done unless you trust the technician and the clinic completely.

Once you find a clinic you can trust, you should sit down with your clinician to discuss a treatment process for your unwanted hair. They are likely to suggest a series of treatments at first, but it all depends on how much unwanted hair you need to treat. In any case, you might have to shave or wax a little between treatments, but your at-home hair removal time should be greatly reduced.


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