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For now I am wearing these hair extensions two or three weeks ago and I had a feeling how could I ever manage without them before? My previous experiences were very unhappy, I’ve ordered a lot of hair extensions before, both expensive and cheap one, and they were all being bad quality and were looking like plastic pieces. So I’m quite a pro and a skeptical person in this type of question. Truly say, I did not expected anything special from this brand, but I was totally surprised, when I received my package.


Today I’m going to tell you about the most dangerous misconceptions about your daily make-up routine and how not to treat your skin to death. The most common make-up life-hacks are passing from mouth to mouth, but they are not always effective and useful. The origin they may be very different, but a lot of the errors so tenacious which haunt us from childhood, that the usage of decorative cosmetics can harm your young skin. So let me dispel popular myths about how not to care for your skin and to explain how you should do it properly.


Some time ago I had the idea to write an article about where exactly one can buy cosmetics online. There are tons of shops, but which are the best ones? Let’s see. How often do you think about where to purchase new items for your cosmetics collection? Lipstick and blush Illamasqua, lip shaped bottles in Paul & Joe and ink Stila Lip? Where to buy all on sale with a very fast delivery? So today I’m going to show you my TOP-list of places, where you can buy whatever you want to.

The Best Summer Beauty Products – HAIR

Varnishes, gels and hair waxes absolutely not suitable for the hot season. Firstly, they can burden the hairstyle. Secondly, they need to wash every day, and in summer there are more important things. Thirdly, most of these products contain an alcohol, for which curls under sunlight can become dry and brittle. Neither one of these problems relates to light hairspray without content oils and alcohol.


Summer skin care is very different from the winter season. As soon as summer temperatures start to creep in, your entire make-up routine needs an overhaul. After all, when it's super hot and humid outside, most traditional cosmetics will start to melt right off of your face. Therefore, from the beginning of the hot season, we need to change the contents of our cosmetic bags at a suitable means.


Today I'd like to share with you my top beauty products that will make you look like a million dollars this season. I'm planning to make a series of articles, so it will be the first one, where I will tell you all about how to save and recover your skin during the summer. As you all may know, in spring-summer period it is quite necessary to let your skin breathe.  At the same time hot air and dust it may cause to redness and dryness, and you constantly feel the urge to wash or to fresh up your face.


Some time ago I’ve decided to launch a new section on my Blog – BEAUTY TRENDS AND TIPS, where I will share with you some useful and handy beauty advices | recommendations or pictures for inspiration, which any of you can easily follow.  This spring, especially thanks to Badgley Mischka SS2015 show, trend on colored eyebrows and colored strands in hair is back in this season fashion. As you probably know, for hair colouring you can use crayons for hair, as for the eyebrows - you can use tools that may already have in your make-up bag (such as coloured mascara or pigmented eyeshadows). For ideal pink, peach and red eyebrows, or even purple shades, you can even use bright blush – it all depends on your mood and willingness to experiment.


As you may know, several weeks ago I’ve started a series of articles about the most common mistakes in make-up. And today I would like to share with you the last part of it. Let’s talk about why too thick foundation cannot be diluted with moisturizer, why you cannot combine the products with different textures and so on. The main common mistake in girls' crowd is that one can easily diluted too thick foundation with moisturizer. No! And I’ll tell you why. You can mix it only on the back of your hand while applying, but avoid doing it in the container. The reason is the same, like with dry mascara, - disrupted the structure of matter, reduced the percentage of preservatives, and the result - the guarantees of safety and security from the bacteria is gone.


Today I would like to share with you most common mistakes about make-up that you should know and to give you some tips as well. Blushes are created to refresh the face colour. One can apply blush round natural or synthetic soft brush on the "apples" of the cheeks. Just smile - and you will see where the blush should be placed. You can cover a little up the cheekbone with it and a little bit down. It is important to comply with the indentation of the nose area - usually about two fingers, or visual attention will be attracted to the center of your face.

TOP-15 celebrity make-up artists, you should follow on Instagram!

It is not a secret that almost everyone is interested in how the celebrities manage to look fabulous on the red carpet, and what are their secrets. Let’s try to find it out. Obviously, most of the celebrities don't know, how to professionally do make-up (except Kate Middleton, which herself has made a make-up for her own wedding). So the make-up artists are the first persons, whose Instagram' profiles you should immediately learn as ABC, and to find out their secrets of fantastic make-up, if you are still want to replicate make-up of your favorite celebrity. Starting with Joyce Bonelli and ending with Pat McGrath, I’ve picked the TOP-15 most interesting celebrity make-up artists, which you should definitely subscribe via Instagram and be aware of beauty secrets, professional advices and get a lot of ideas and inspiration for your daily and festive images.