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BOHO: Style of the eternal feminine

Coachella is far behind now, but the summer is finally here. So why don't we add some more trendy Boho style in our summer looks? Because Boho mood – it is always a wonder and discovery, creativity and freedom, and, of course, the flight of fantasy. Boho has nothing in common with the clean lines and office dress codes. This most feminine style is intrinsically connected with open-minded and creative person who is independent of fashion and glamour, but looks very fashionable and well-dressed.


 Today I would like to speak with you about one trend, which has recently become outright popular – Slow fashion. Let’s first sort out the meaning of it. Slow fashion is an alternative of over-shopping, it is not your typical seasonal fashion trend, it is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum and is likely here to stay. Slow fashion is a creative and inclusive approach, inspired by the slow culture movements.


Where do you find your inspiration? What’s inspiring you lately? Which resources do you use ordinarily to find your Muse? As for me, I find my true inspiration on books, on my imagination and, occasionally, on Pinterest. I would not say that I’m Pinterest-addict person, but there I can find whatever I need. Every creative person is on their own path in search of the Muses. For example, George Gershwin worked twelve hours a day until midnight, sitting at the piano right in his pajamas. Thomas Wolfe wrote standing in the kitchen, using the refrigerator desk. All of this suggests that we should just work hard and do not wait for inspiration. Inspiration – this is not a sudden afflatus, but the result of hard work, constant research and experimentation.


For a great while I was going to write an article about 3D-printed fashion and nine times out of ten I postponed it for no reason. But recently I’ve attended one interesting catwalk show organized by my friends, fashion-designers, and I must tell you that very soon fashion will cease to exist. You’ll probably ask me, why am I saying this. Well, I should accept the fact, that soon 3D-printed cloths will change the fashion world as we know it now. Probably you’ve heard that it is possible to use 3D printers to produce organs and even food. And of course, the fashion industry is not an exception: today many fashion designers are experimenting with this technology. For that reason I've talked to the designers and made some research about how do they use 3D-printers in fashion, and I would like to share with you my observations.


Recently I was thinking about what would be as interesting as make-up tips and fashion articles. And I found an amazing material for today’s post! How do you like the idea to ask a male-model, what it looks like to be a part of Fashion Business? And my guest for today is Maxim Neapolitanskiy, who walked for Oscar Jacobson, Grunge John Orchestra Explosion, Infundibulum, Ozwald Boateng and others.

FASHION INDUSTRY: how to work for a Fashion Magazine?

I'm pretty sure, that most of you would like to know, how it looks like to work on a Fashion Industry? The fashion industry is unlike most other industries. It is ever evolving and moves at a pace nearly the speed of light. As will all other industries, it is important to have a good education, creative flare and a strong desire to succeed. So the most common question - is how to stay in this industry and always be in trend. For all of these purposes, I've interviewed the Associate Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. And I hope, you'll find all the answers for your questions here! Let's start.


Agnieszka Osipa, a headdresses and stage costume designer, was born in 1986 in Nowa Sarzyna, a small town in southeastern Poland. She has the rare ability to straddle both design and process and do each with amazing skill and creativity. Her dual knowledge give her a distinct skill advantage as she is able to bring the delight and magic of her own inner world into the costume design and design of headdresses and to create a real masterpieces. By some reason Agnieszka is strictly against to show off her portrait, as it is the policy she adheres. So let's just admire the works, that she did, and to know her better from the inside.


The 22th season of RIGA FASHION WEEK took place from 17th till 21st of March. This time during RFW in the fashion centre PODIUM Latvian and invited foreign designers presented their 2015/2016 autumn/winter pret-a-porter collections, - Anna LED, Narciss, Natālija Jansone, Amoralle, Katya Katya Shehurina, Līga Banga, NÓLÓ, Alexandra Westfal, IN by Inga Nipane, it'sME, One Wolf and Paviljons, Pohjanheimo…


Fashion, as we know it, is already dead. Season by season people try to invent something new, but every time it is a repetition of the previous styles. You can even think, that it is the dead end, but its not. Fashion is now on the other level, it starts to explore itself. One can say, that today we are looking at the crisis of fashion, but it's not that true, as it may look. Fashion becomes straight individually and very unique now. So one can say as well, that we see a fashion reborn or, if you like, the Renaissance of Fashion.

Amazing Rick Owens Sphinx catwalk show A/W15!

Rick Owens is one of the well-known designers nowadays. He knows exactly, what to do, how to shock and how to force people make a right decisions. Well done for now! The recent catwalk show Autumn/Winter 2015 became a direct proof of the designer's genius. In the real world now, when you can buy sex like a box of sweets - easily and fast, when everything is available - it is okay to show product or person in its best way to sell it thereafter more profitable. What can be more attractive and shockingly after woman's boobs? Of course, the male genitals! And Rick makes this gently, like the cat who played with the mouse. Bravo! The Genius by itself.