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Christian Louboutin the iconic shoe brand designer has now created a debut line of luxurious lipsticks, each of which is literally worth its weight in gold, as a minimum, because it cost $90. The new lipstick comes in 38 shades, and is a definite show stopper with its unique product and package design. The lipstick is designed to be a multi-functional with a clever topper that transforms to a ring as well as a necklace. Inspired by Queen Nefertiti and the Art Deco movement the design takes the shape of a bullet and is just as fierce. The line features 38 lust-worthy shades in three different textures that are inspired and named after iconic shoes and shades that Christian Louboutin customers have previously encountered.


As far as the summer is going to an end, it’s time to think about some beauty trends, that will be much claimed this autumn. So why not to start preparing now? Today I suggest you to speak a little about trendy colours of lipsticks. The colour of carrots, blueberries, eggplant – these very simple vegetable and fruit colours are worth a try this season! As you may know, it’s not necessary to search for quality beauty products just among luxury brands. It can be that the ideal in terms of price and quality product can be found in the mass-market, or in the middle price segment. So I’ve made some research and ready to present you some amazing lipsticks, which suits for all type of budget.

MAC x Giambattista Valli Collection

Among the make-up brands most loved by women throughout the world must surely be MAC Cosmetics. This time MAC did a new collaboration, truly exceptional, that is exactly half way between the world of beauty and fashion world, a collaboration that bears the signature in fact none other than the famous designer Giambattista Valli and that led to a capsule…


Seems that it would be one of the most amazing summer seasons ever! Almost all brands have focused on warm shades, which blend well with the tan skin, and added a couple of contrasting bright spots to their collections. Let’s start with my favourites!

Naked Smoky by URBAN DECAY

Great news! Very soon, July 8th, the beyond-buzzy highly anticipated URBAN DECAY palette goes on sale! As you may all already know URBAN DECAY releases an amazing brand new palette Naked Smoky, which includes twelve different shades of shadows. Five of them are presented in a matte version, the other seven with shimmer. In addition to the neutral shades, Naked Smoky palette also includes a saturated shade of purple and several shades of gray, which is quite exciting! Nine of the shades will be release for the first time, as well as a two-sided brush for ease of application. New palette is presented in a plastic case with a picture of smoke on it.


Summer is here, so the fresh appearance is obligatoriness in any case. How to look sweet and attractive, I will tell you in this article and share some of my favourite products of this season. First of all, you should start your daily routine with a proper face washing. Use cool water to refresh your face and to tighten the skin. After that directly apply a moisturizer or prep make-up base. Put it on your face with patting / massage movements, that will allow it absorb better and improve blood circulation, which immediately give you a natural blush and freshness. You can use gel or roller for the eye area to reduce swelling. I prefer to use Lumene Eye Cream Bright Now with Vitamin C in the mornings and RUGARD Hyaluron Eye Care Gel in the evenings. These two products help me to look fresh during the summer season.


I thought it would be just three articles, but it seems to me, that I will make the regular column on my Blog. How do you like this idea? Today I’m going to continue our small-talk about Common mistakes about make-up (read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Let’s start from the most common and pesky one – most of the beginners think that it is quite necessary to achieve symmetry. Well, sorry I have to upset you, but it’s wrong. In my humble opinion, and for the most make-up artists’ opinion, the major make-up task is to emphasize the natural beauty and conceal flaws, if needed, and, of course, add some freshness and bright accents, instead of making your face to a certain ideal.

EVIL STEPMOTHER MAKE-UP: How to do it in 7 steps?

Today I would like to speak about the new interpretation of Cinderella movie, where a central place occupied by stylish and refined Stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett. All the costumes fit her perfectly, and the character is underlined with strict make-up of 40s. As long as it will be a renewal trend in make-up soon, I’ve decided to investigate and describe this fine example. As you may have heard before, the make-up artist for this movie was Naomi Donne (who’s working on the new Bond movie right now, by the way). And she has re-thought the Stepmother look and stylized it into a thoughtful and retro-influenced one.

How to choose the best Foundation shade

I think many of you would agree that the most common and the most noticeable mistake when applying makeup is the non-properly selected and often poorly superimposed tone. Of course, the proper selection and application requires practice and a good knowledge of their own skin and its behavior according to the different climate.


Today for us is very important to look fresh and attractive, but not always we have enough time for adorable make-up. That's why in this article I want to share with you some tips of Smart and Fast make-up, which will fresh you up and make your look gorgeous. First of all, you have to wash up with slightly cool water and after that directly use a moisturizer or prep make-up base. Put it on your face with patting / massage movements, that will allow it absorb better and improve blood circulation, which immediately give you a natural blush and freshness.