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Many of you might hear about Berlin Fashion Week and about the German fashion in a whole, but, probably, not anyone may know about Frankfurt Style Award. Yes, on the one hand – Frankfurt is the heart of financial Europe, but in the other hand – it’s the place of birth of the brand new fashion.


Awhile ago I’ve been tagged by Milly from www.sevenseasaway.com and she challenged me to talk about what does it mean to be a full-time blogger. And I’d like to say, that being a full-time blogger is a real challenge, because each time you have to conquer yourself and strive to become much better than you were yesterday. TIME-CONSUMING One of…


This time I was cordially invited to the Frankfurt Style Award, an International Fashion Event in Frankfurt-am-Main. The Frankfurt Style Award is a good opportunity for young and talented designers to show their masterpieces to the world. Over 60 of the best applicants to the International Award have qualified for the Frankfurt Style Award Finale and they are looking forward to their big appearance in front of an international audience at the festive Gala, where all the guests will celebrate the debut of the next generation of international Fashion Creators and their ideas. Since 2008, this Contest has been blossoming into one of the most important international awards for Fashion & Design in the whole Europe.


As you may all know, trends are very impermanent – season by season, year by year. And, as I previously wrote on my article TRENDS AND TENDENCIES 2015 | 2016, I’ve tried to select and highlight several points, which will be forming new trend in the upcoming season. Designers regularly provide a number of new products that are on the eyes may scatter in different directions. So I’ve decided to choose for you a selection of 6 of the brightest trends collected from the Milan, Paris, London and New York catwalks. Although the fast fashion and the luxury fashion brands are starting to work with these trends for SS 2015, and it will continue into mainstream fashion through 2015 and into SS 2016. And today the season FW 2015-2016 is in focus.


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As far as the summer is going to an end, it’s time to think about some beauty trends, that will be much claimed this autumn. So why not to start preparing now? Today I suggest you to speak a little about trendy colours of lipsticks. The colour of carrots, blueberries, eggplant – these very simple vegetable and fruit colours are worth a try this season! As you may know, it’s not necessary to search for quality beauty products just among luxury brands. It can be that the ideal in terms of price and quality product can be found in the mass-market, or in the middle price segment. So I’ve made some research and ready to present you some amazing lipsticks, which suits for all type of budget.

MAC x Giambattista Valli Collection

Among the make-up brands most loved by women throughout the world must surely be MAC Cosmetics. This time MAC did a new collaboration, truly exceptional, that is exactly half way between the world of beauty and fashion world, a collaboration that bears the signature in fact none other than the famous designer Giambattista Valli and that led to a capsule…


Have you ever thought about where ends the line between fashion and tasteless? In a world, where is accepted to judge on appearance, one of the most common fears – look ridiculous, absurd or inappropriate. However, the fashion industry has actively offers such fun products, which are in demand, even if they cost a thousand pounds. Sleepers as kittens, clutches…


 Summer is the season for living full life, for parties and for love. And, as you may probably noticed, a huge amount of wedding ceremonies falls on this period. Also summer is a good time for small presents and gifts, for just to say a little thank-you to all people and friends, that surround you day by day. That’s why today I would like to speak with you about tiny gifts for those, who are close to us, and share with you some ideas.

BOHO: Style of the eternal feminine

Coachella is far behind now, but the summer is finally here. So why don't we add some more trendy Boho style in our summer looks? Because Boho mood – it is always a wonder and discovery, creativity and freedom, and, of course, the flight of fantasy. Boho has nothing in common with the clean lines and office dress codes. This most feminine style is intrinsically connected with open-minded and creative person who is independent of fashion and glamour, but looks very fashionable and well-dressed.