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 Summer is the season for living full life, for parties and for love. And, as you may probably noticed, a huge amount of wedding ceremonies falls on this period. Also summer is a good time for small presents and gifts, for just to say a little thank-you to all people and friends, that surround you day by day. That’s why today I would like to speak with you about tiny gifts for those, who are close to us, and share with you some ideas.

BOHO: Style of the eternal feminine

Coachella is far behind now, but the summer is finally here. So why don't we add some more trendy Boho style in our summer looks? Because Boho mood – it is always a wonder and discovery, creativity and freedom, and, of course, the flight of fantasy. Boho has nothing in common with the clean lines and office dress codes. This most feminine style is intrinsically connected with open-minded and creative person who is independent of fashion and glamour, but looks very fashionable and well-dressed.


Seems that it would be one of the most amazing summer seasons ever! Almost all brands have focused on warm shades, which blend well with the tan skin, and added a couple of contrasting bright spots to their collections. Let’s start with my favourites!

Naked Smoky by URBAN DECAY

Great news! Very soon, July 8th, the beyond-buzzy highly anticipated URBAN DECAY palette goes on sale! As you may all already know URBAN DECAY releases an amazing brand new palette Naked Smoky, which includes twelve different shades of shadows. Five of them are presented in a matte version, the other seven with shimmer. In addition to the neutral shades, Naked Smoky palette also includes a saturated shade of purple and several shades of gray, which is quite exciting! Nine of the shades will be release for the first time, as well as a two-sided brush for ease of application. New palette is presented in a plastic case with a picture of smoke on it.


 Today I would like to speak with you about one trend, which has recently become outright popular – Slow fashion. Let’s first sort out the meaning of it. Slow fashion is an alternative of over-shopping, it is not your typical seasonal fashion trend, it is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum and is likely here to stay. Slow fashion is a creative and inclusive approach, inspired by the slow culture movements.


Where do you find your inspiration? What’s inspiring you lately? Which resources do you use ordinarily to find your Muse? As for me, I find my true inspiration on books, on my imagination and, occasionally, on Pinterest. I would not say that I’m Pinterest-addict person, but there I can find whatever I need. Every creative person is on their own path in search of the Muses. For example, George Gershwin worked twelve hours a day until midnight, sitting at the piano right in his pajamas. Thomas Wolfe wrote standing in the kitchen, using the refrigerator desk. All of this suggests that we should just work hard and do not wait for inspiration. Inspiration – this is not a sudden afflatus, but the result of hard work, constant research and experimentation.


Couple of days ago my Twitter account with more than 3k+ followers has been hacked and immediately deleted from the Twitter with no possibility to get it back. Probably some of you will tell me, that it is not a big deal. But, yes, it was a big deal, because I’ve owned this account since 2010, and the worst thing is that last half a year I’ve started to promote my Twitter to boost more users, to bring my blogging to a brand new level and to make my account sustainable for business. 


Sooner or later, in everyone’s life there comes an important point – the first visit in the gym. No matter whether you want to lose weight or just strengthen muscles and improve well-being, at first sight everything will seem unusual and a bit scary. For that reason, I’ve wrote an article – How to start? – where I gave some advices to those of you, who are still doubted. Let’s be honest, I left my previous fitness club about a year ago, because I had a lot of issues to deal with. But a couple of month ago I’ve decide to resume my workouts, so I enrolled to the gym, where everything for me was very familiar. When I resumed my fitness classes, suddenly day-by-day, I started to feel myself better and better. Maybe because of my diet, maybe because of the workouts, but I think, it works in common. But anyway, my first results, which I saw about three or four weeks later, were impressive. I mean, I didn't expect to see the results so soon. That’s why I would like to share my sports schedule and my diet plan with you.


Summer is here, so the fresh appearance is obligatoriness in any case. How to look sweet and attractive, I will tell you in this article and share some of my favourite products of this season. First of all, you should start your daily routine with a proper face washing. Use cool water to refresh your face and to tighten the skin. After that directly apply a moisturizer or prep make-up base. Put it on your face with patting / massage movements, that will allow it absorb better and improve blood circulation, which immediately give you a natural blush and freshness. You can use gel or roller for the eye area to reduce swelling. I prefer to use Lumene Eye Cream Bright Now with Vitamin C in the mornings and RUGARD Hyaluron Eye Care Gel in the evenings. These two products help me to look fresh during the summer season.



THE FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST | I’m 100% sure, that many of you often ask yourself – How to start? And the other of you probably asks – how to force yourself to get up from the chair and start to do some sports? As for me, the most motivational factor in all this stuff is to choose the right outfit. Whilst you’ve bought one, you won’t be able to look at it day by day without wearing it. Believe me. Your only limit is you! So the first step – go shopping. Choose the proper sneakers for fitness training and jogging, a good fitness capri or shorts, and don’t forget to buy a sports bra either then just a t-shirt.