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Sooner or later, in everyone’s life there comes an important point – the first visit in the gym. No matter whether you want to lose weight or just strengthen muscles and improve well-being, at first sight everything will seem unusual and a bit scary. For that reason, I’ve wrote an article – How to start? – where I gave some advices to those of you, who are still doubted. Let’s be honest, I left my previous fitness club about a year ago, because I had a lot of issues to deal with. But a couple of month ago I’ve decide to resume my workouts, so I enrolled to the gym, where everything for me was very familiar. When I resumed my fitness classes, suddenly day-by-day, I started to feel myself better and better. Maybe because of my diet, maybe because of the workouts, but I think, it works in common. But anyway, my first results, which I saw about three or four weeks later, were impressive. I mean, I didn't expect to see the results so soon. That’s why I would like to share my sports schedule and my diet plan with you.


Summer skin care is very different from the winter season. As soon as summer temperatures start to creep in, your entire make-up routine needs an overhaul. After all, when it's super hot and humid outside, most traditional cosmetics will start to melt right off of your face. Therefore, from the beginning of the hot season, we need to change the contents of our cosmetic bags at a suitable means.


Today I'd like to share with you my top beauty products that will make you look like a million dollars this season. I'm planning to make a series of articles, so it will be the first one, where I will tell you all about how to save and recover your skin during the summer. As you all may know, in spring-summer period it is quite necessary to let your skin breathe.  At the same time hot air and dust it may cause to redness and dryness, and you constantly feel the urge to wash or to fresh up your face.


I thought it would be just three articles, but it seems to me, that I will make the regular column on my Blog. How do you like this idea? Today I’m going to continue our small-talk about Common mistakes about make-up (read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Let’s start from the most common and pesky one – most of the beginners think that it is quite necessary to achieve symmetry. Well, sorry I have to upset you, but it’s wrong. In my humble opinion, and for the most make-up artists’ opinion, the major make-up task is to emphasize the natural beauty and conceal flaws, if needed, and, of course, add some freshness and bright accents, instead of making your face to a certain ideal.

EVIL STEPMOTHER MAKE-UP: How to do it in 7 steps?

Today I would like to speak about the new interpretation of Cinderella movie, where a central place occupied by stylish and refined Stepmother, played by Cate Blanchett. All the costumes fit her perfectly, and the character is underlined with strict make-up of 40s. As long as it will be a renewal trend in make-up soon, I’ve decided to investigate and describe this fine example. As you may have heard before, the make-up artist for this movie was Naomi Donne (who’s working on the new Bond movie right now, by the way). And she has re-thought the Stepmother look and stylized it into a thoughtful and retro-influenced one.


Some time ago I’ve decided to launch a new section on my Blog – BEAUTY TRENDS AND TIPS, where I will share with you some useful and handy beauty advices | recommendations or pictures for inspiration, which any of you can easily follow.  This spring, especially thanks to Badgley Mischka SS2015 show, trend on colored eyebrows and colored strands in hair is back in this season fashion. As you probably know, for hair colouring you can use crayons for hair, as for the eyebrows - you can use tools that may already have in your make-up bag (such as coloured mascara or pigmented eyeshadows). For ideal pink, peach and red eyebrows, or even purple shades, you can even use bright blush – it all depends on your mood and willingness to experiment.


Today I would like to share with you most common mistakes about make-up that you should know and to give you some tips as well. Blushes are created to refresh the face colour. One can apply blush round natural or synthetic soft brush on the "apples" of the cheeks. Just smile - and you will see where the blush should be placed. You can cover a little up the cheekbone with it and a little bit down. It is important to comply with the indentation of the nose area - usually about two fingers, or visual attention will be attracted to the center of your face.

How to choose the best Foundation shade

I think many of you would agree that the most common and the most noticeable mistake when applying makeup is the non-properly selected and often poorly superimposed tone. Of course, the proper selection and application requires practice and a good knowledge of their own skin and its behavior according to the different climate.


Today for us is very important to look fresh and attractive, but not always we have enough time for adorable make-up. That's why in this article I want to share with you some tips of Smart and Fast make-up, which will fresh you up and make your look gorgeous. First of all, you have to wash up with slightly cool water and after that directly use a moisturizer or prep make-up base. Put it on your face with patting / massage movements, that will allow it absorb better and improve blood circulation, which immediately give you a natural blush and freshness.

TOP-15 celebrity make-up artists, you should follow on Instagram!

It is not a secret that almost everyone is interested in how the celebrities manage to look fabulous on the red carpet, and what are their secrets. Let’s try to find it out. Obviously, most of the celebrities don't know, how to professionally do make-up (except Kate Middleton, which herself has made a make-up for her own wedding). So the make-up artists are the first persons, whose Instagram' profiles you should immediately learn as ABC, and to find out their secrets of fantastic make-up, if you are still want to replicate make-up of your favorite celebrity. Starting with Joyce Bonelli and ending with Pat McGrath, I’ve picked the TOP-15 most interesting celebrity make-up artists, which you should definitely subscribe via Instagram and be aware of beauty secrets, professional advices and get a lot of ideas and inspiration for your daily and festive images.