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December is a time for wonders, and I know, many of you already have this Christmas rage to buy proper presents for your friends, relatives, besties and loved ones. So I decided to make some sort of a guide for you and to show you the most attractive makeup Christmassy sets, which will be the best present for ladies!


I have to confess. I've been keeping a secret for quite some time, but now it's time to share some exciting news. I gave an interview to KEEL MAGAZINE a month or two ago about my fashion and blogging career. So if you would like to know, how the fashion business works and to get to know me a bit better, read the interview. Blog for me is a sort of challenge, where I can conquer myself and check myself for strength. I think, it’s very good, because when you’re dealing with it every day, you’re learning new tools, you're doing everything possible and impossible by yourself.


I'm blogging almost a year right now, so it's time for your to get to know me closer. What do you thing about this funny and famous YouTube-tag with 15 Autumn appropriate questions to get to know me a little more?


Many of you know that I'm not a travel blogger or something. But I decided to write this post, because I want to tell you about one of the most amazing experience in my life. Since I was a child and then a teenage, I felt an inexplicable craving for cold and ice. That is why since childhood I liked the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, the North and the Snow Queen. I was fascinated by the Arctic Circle and the ideal structure of the snowflakes. And I always dreamed to get into a place where all of this is a reality. So once I discovered Iceland, I fell in love with it with the first breath and forever. And it’s not a surprise, because here the most unusual landscapes and scenery: here the lava fields that are covered with soft moss; huge ancient glaciers, down from volcanoes; there is always something erupts, boiling, steaming. You can describe a lot, but believe me, it is worth to see with your own eyes.


As you may all know, trends are very impermanent – season by season, year by year. And, as I previously wrote on my article TRENDS AND TENDENCIES 2015 | 2016, I’ve tried to select and highlight several points, which will be forming new trend in the upcoming season. Designers regularly provide a number of new products that are on the eyes may scatter in different directions. So I’ve decided to choose for you a selection of 6 of the brightest trends collected from the Milan, Paris, London and New York catwalks. Although the fast fashion and the luxury fashion brands are starting to work with these trends for SS 2015, and it will continue into mainstream fashion through 2015 and into SS 2016. And today the season FW 2015-2016 is in focus.


Where do you find your inspiration? What’s inspiring you lately? Which resources do you use ordinarily to find your Muse? As for me, I find my true inspiration on books, on my imagination and, occasionally, on Pinterest. I would not say that I’m Pinterest-addict person, but there I can find whatever I need. Every creative person is on their own path in search of the Muses. For example, George Gershwin worked twelve hours a day until midnight, sitting at the piano right in his pajamas. Thomas Wolfe wrote standing in the kitchen, using the refrigerator desk. All of this suggests that we should just work hard and do not wait for inspiration. Inspiration – this is not a sudden afflatus, but the result of hard work, constant research and experimentation.

TOP-15 celebrity make-up artists, you should follow on Instagram!

It is not a secret that almost everyone is interested in how the celebrities manage to look fabulous on the red carpet, and what are their secrets. Let’s try to find it out. Obviously, most of the celebrities don't know, how to professionally do make-up (except Kate Middleton, which herself has made a make-up for her own wedding). So the make-up artists are the first persons, whose Instagram' profiles you should immediately learn as ABC, and to find out their secrets of fantastic make-up, if you are still want to replicate make-up of your favorite celebrity. Starting with Joyce Bonelli and ending with Pat McGrath, I’ve picked the TOP-15 most interesting celebrity make-up artists, which you should definitely subscribe via Instagram and be aware of beauty secrets, professional advices and get a lot of ideas and inspiration for your daily and festive images.