Do you like tea as much as I do? Does the high tea mean something to you? Or have you ever heard about TeaPigs? Well, I myself am a big fan of tea, in all its variations. For me, personally, a tea time is something more like just a cup of hot water and a snack. It’s a tradition, and I would say, I’m a real tea lover. So today I’m going to share with you my thoughts about TeaPigs, that I discovered recently, and how did they change my life.

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I know, many of you like coffee rather than tea, but I fancy a nice cup of tea in the morning. I have hundreds of thousands different types of tea in my kitchen, so I really have to spend some time deciding which one to choose. Yes, I do like tea rather than coffee. And recently I discovered a company which specialises in the production of tea. They have such a vast range of tea, you can hardly imagine.

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Do you fancy a Lazy Days tea? Or maybe you’re in the mood to drink a cup of Sweet Treat with some liquorice and peppermint? Or you’re out of energy and ideas? Well, a good cup of Bursting with berries super fruit tea would be nice indeed.

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Because you know what? – “It may be chilly and grey outside but this all natural gingery lemony brew will sweep you away to a British summers day – homemade lemonade, traditional ginger beer, croquet and morris dancers (ok perhaps a step too far). There is no match for the ginger kick and refreshing lemon in this infusion”.

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So the TeaPigs stole my heart, because their tea is a real trouvaille for all the tea lovers, and I’m sure, everyone can find there something for themselves.

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