It is the end of September (slash the beginning of October), so the official autumn-winter season is opened. Finally! I was waiting for the whole month just to share with you some of my Top beauty favorites, because I do have quite a lot this month. And in this article, I’m going to tell you, which products are better to use during this season.

autumn favorites 2015 - AUTUMN BEAUTY FAVORITES

So the first thing I’ve been loving – is this amazing Triple Protection BB Cream from IASO Cosmetics. It has very lightweight consistency and can protect your skin of the adverse effects of sunlight. It contains olive oil extract, so it helps to treat and moisten the skin. Whilst its texture is rather dense and thick, it soaks very easy. I suggest applying this cream using a brush or sponge for flawless result. The colour shade tends to be light as the other Korean bb creams, but after a good blend it will blend with your skin tone. The final result is absolutely perfect – your skin become flawless and glowing. This BB cream provides very natural finish with a light hint of colour, fusing with the skin and brightens it from the inside. Overall I would say it is a very good premium-quality product and, definitely, one of my favorite BB-cream at the moment.

I’ve heard a lot about Korean cosmetics, but could not even imagine, how good it can really be. After the first application, I was pleasantly surprised. The skin became very soft as velvet. Now I’m using it for around three or four weeks, and I have to say, that it really works. I’ve tried a lot of anti-aging serums and creams before, which were good enough to compare with these Korean products. But I really like the effect and how actually this emulsion deals with dryness, dullness and wrinkles, because I have a really dry skin.

Yes, these two products are quite pricey, but I thought, I should give them a try. I’ve heard a lot about Korean cosmetics and about its huge beauty and skincare industry. And now I became a huge fan of this as well. I absolutely love it. So if you feel the same, you can order some of them with 15% discount, using a coupon code FASHION15, on

Well, truly say, I’ve heard a lot about this water so far, but I thought, it’s quite a trick, because everyone says how fantastic it is. And I actually didn’t believe into all the reviews. But, finally, I gave up and decided to buy one. Now I should say that I was totally wrong, because this is the best micellar water I have used so far. It is better than more expensive ones. My face is unbelievably soft to touch after using the solution, and there is a refreshing and clean veil that is left, but definitely no sign of a residue which is fabulous as I don’t have to re-wash my face with water. There is no specific scent to this product. It is literally like using water to the face but with obvious cleansing and make-up removal benefits. So I have to say, I’m totally stock up on it and for now, it’s one of my favourites. And especially for autumn/winter season, because it doesn’t dry your skin (like water). It’s definitely my must-have.

autumn favorites 2015 2 - AUTUMN BEAUTY FAVORITESautumn favorites 2015 3 - AUTUMN BEAUTY FAVORITES

The next thing that I’ve also been loving this month is definitely my favorite W7 palletes. I bought four most well-known of them – In the Buff, In the Nude, In the Night, Lightly Toasted. I have a lot of beauty products to easily compare the quality of so-called high-end ones. Just recently I bought the Smashbox range and I know how quality eyeshadows behave unlike cheap products. But this I can also say that the price does not necessarily mean the good quality. Not because the Smashbox range is bad, but because the technology has not been adjusted to the quality.

The W7 pallets are the absolute wonder. For this price I would have definitely expected something completely different. The colors are extremely well pigmented, wonderful consistency. I am now a huge fan and I think it’s almost a shame that the pallets are so ‘cheap’ because the price is not the performance justice. These palettes are now my absolute favorites and I’m looking forward certainly to try quite so many looks. And yes, my advice to all of you, who want to buy some of these palettes – always use a primer, which is necessary in general if you want a long-lasting, powerful look.

I will do a separate video on it and try to make some makeup tutorials, because all these are gorgeous.

autumn favorites 2015 4 - AUTUMN BEAUTY FAVORITES

I never thought that I would be writing about the shower gel with such an enthusiasm! Yes, I’m absolutely in love with this series – The Elements. The first thing that catches your eye is the design of package. Miniature bottles with a picture of the five basic elements look very beneficial in terms of design. Each is named after one of the 5 elements of the lunar calendar horoscope according to Chinese philosophy: wood, metal, water, earth and fire. However, the advantages of this gel do not end there. While using these gels in the shower, a lovely smell spreads with the steam and stays in the body for about an hour. And it also feels very pleasant on the skin.

As I mentioned, I have very dry skin, nevertheless this gel has never left a feeling of dryness. It foams and distributes very good throughout the body, I apply it either with my hands or with a soft wash sponge. The degree of purification certainly changing, but it depends on the sponge, not on the product. Even when applied to the hands feels a sufficient level of skin cleansing. Of course, everyone will find their favorite one in this line, my favorites are Metal and Water – they are very salty with a delicate scent of pine needles.

autumn favorites 2015 5 - AUTUMN BEAUTY FAVORITESautumn favorites 2015 6 - AUTUMN BEAUTY FAVORITES

That was everything for my September favorites. I can’t wait until the end of October, because there will be a Halloween, and it’s autumn now, and after that – definitely Christmas, which means a lot of new products to show you!

Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

  • Great post! Love the product reviews!! 🙂 those palates look amazing eliza!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Stephanie! These palettes are absolutely cool, I don’t regret a penny so far.

  • Fabulous bunch of goodies, the pallets look amazing…I love the tin style packaging, such a cool concept.

    Keisha xo

    • Thank you, Keisha! Yeah, I’m totally in love with these palettes.

  • I haven’t tried any Korean makeup yet, I probably should as I’m very pale. Garnier micellar water is my constant favourite too x

    • Thank you! You should definitely give it a try. I heard a lot and I have to day, all is true. I’m very happy with this cosmetics line, because I’m also pale)

  • I feel like I need to give those W7 Palettes a try now- awesome review/roundup!
    xo, Ingrid

    • I was thinking a lot about these palettes, but when I finally ordered them and received, well! I have to say, they are absolutely fabulous! So, give it a try!)

  • I saw w7 palettes while looking for Urban Decay dupes! I love the In The Nude palette!

    • Yeah, many bloggers say that they are almost the same. But for my opinion, the W7 palettes have much more to offer instead of UD ones.

  • Kat

    Those body washes look amazing!!!!! I haven’t tried any of those palettes but they do look great for the price!!!!

  • I’m drooling over those palettes! So pretty!

  • Oh yes! The eyeshadow.. looks so nice – we love the pinks!