Bartender for one night

How to become a bartender and succeed at it? It’s easier than you think! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a bartender? Or maybe you always wanted to make your own cocktail professionally, but didn’t know where to start? No worries, I’ve got your covered. Last weekend I was in Rome to do my best and become a Bartender for One Night with European Bartender School.

If you’ve never heard of European Bartender School, it’s actually the largest bartender training school in the world. They basically offer you the opportunity to travel and see the world through bartending, isn’t it fantastic? No matter which destination you choose, you’ll receive the same high standard of training. And by the way, European Bartender School is the only bartender school proud to have a global network of bartenders.

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If you’ve never worked behind a bar before, it can be a little bit of a shock. Suddenly you have to learn new techniques, recipes. People who work in this industry are by and large super enthusiastic about what they do. And when you’re surrounded by these people, you get happier and more positive too.

The atmosphere was amazing. We started with the 4 hour bartender course and learned some awesome techniques. For the very first time, I made my own cocktail and called it “Danse Macabre”. Apart from that, we had an additional barista master class and the opportunity to learn how to make the perfect coffee.

bartender one night 017 - Bartender for one nightbartender one night 007 - Bartender for one nightbartender one night 004 - Bartender for one night

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Thanks to European Bartender School, I had so much fun being a bartender for one night and now I can host the best parties ever! That was such an unforgettable experience. Just in 4 hours we’ve become such close friends, and even spent the rest of the trip together, exploring Rome. After the course we had the opportunity to explore the night life in the center of Rome and try delicious French and Italian cuisine in one of the most fashionable restaurants – Casa Coppelle.

You can do it too and become a Bartender!

Use the code EBSCHANGE and get a 100€ discount on any of the EBS courses. The code is valid till 7th November 2017. So hurry up!

  • How cool! This sounds like a fantastic opportunity! And that’s amazing you were able to do your training in Rome! Such a beautiful city. 🙂

  • Britta

    How cool that you tried this! I did not know there was a bartending school in Europe at all!
    I have actually bartended a few times to pay for school and you know what- is is quite fun when you first learn all the tricks and recipies.
    The atmosphere is amazing when people are having a good time right?! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this fun experience!

  • How cool girl! It looks like you had a blast. What a great opportunity to learn the insides an tricks from the experts. I checked the European Bartender School’s website and it sounds amazing. It’s a job that looks easy, just because the way bartenders make it to look, but it’s not easy at all! I have realized that is kind of an art to create delicious recipes.
    Thanks for sharing such a cool experience!


  • jacqueline

    OMG I’m so jealous! I’d love to do something like this here if it’s available. I love making cocktails and typically just kind of wing it. I bet you had so much fun.

  • He Darling,
    Hows you?
    This is so cool, Being Bartender for a Night:)
    Love cocktails so much, would be so Happy to try it:) European Bartender School sounds so cool and Interesting:)
    Happy Week
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  • That seems like so much fun! I never would have expected that you could gain so much bar-tending knowledge from just one night. The European Bar-tending school definitely seems like the best choice for those hoping to become a bartender. This is such a unique experience, and I’m sure that you have a huge appreciation for bartenders now!

    ~xo Sheree

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    Yes, I have totally dreamed about becoming a bar tender when I was younger. How cool is it to be able to make all the famous cocktails yourself? European bartender school sounds amazing and I would love to try it one day when I visit Rome. Such an interest concept! By the way, you look amazing behind the bar table and you are definitely one of the hottest female bar tender I have known =P

    xx, Jessie

  • A bartender class sounds like so much fun! And a barista master class too – I would love to learn both! You’re going to be the hit of every party you host or attend! What a great skill to learn. I should really look into a class like that here in NYC!

  • Marcy Yu

    OMG this sounds so much fun!!! I actually did not knew about the school and this sounds very interesting!! I’m always been very passionate about mixology since is such an art of how you can create your own cocktails and still have a lot of fun!!! Im sure this was great experience and now you can make your own cocktails at home when u throw a party.


  • Candace

    I’ve always considered myself an amateur bartender haha. I recently went to this gin event in my city, where I was able to create my own cocktail using fresh ingredients and of course, gin. It turned out way better than I could have imagined! I’ve never heard of the European Bartender School, but I sure wouldn’t mind traveling the world while going. It sounds like a blast!

  • Massiel Feliz Rivas

    How interesting, I didn’t know there was a Bartender school – I see cocktail making as an art, and it requires a lot of effort and dedication to be a good bartender, although I’m quite surprised about the amount of stuff you can learn in just 4 hours, and it looks so much fun! Not sure if i’d be any good at it though, I’m so clumsy… :/

  • What an amazing training experience! Just from the photos alone – you can feel the energy and vibe of this place!

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    What a fun experience! I’ve heard of EBS before, but didn’t know they were the largest in the world. I’ve often wondered how bartenders manage with all the drunk customers and a hectic pace, but I guess the key to that is that they truly enjoy what they are doing and have fun while doing it and support each other. Judging by your video there are some people with acrobatic skills, but I suppose you didn’t learn all that juggling bottles and stuff during one night, right? Haha. I’d definitely want to try this at some point so thanks for the code as well!
    Thomas xx