38 Shades of Christian Louboutin

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Christian Louboutin the iconic shoe brand designer has now created a debut line of luxurious lipsticks, each of which is literally worth its weight in gold, as a minimum, because it cost $90. The new lipstick comes in 38 shades and is a definite show stopper with its unique product and package design.

The lipstick is designed to be a multi-functional with a clever topper that transforms to a ring as well as a necklace. Inspired by Queen Nefertiti and the Art Deco movement the design takes the shape of a bullet and is just as fierce. The line features 38 lust-worthy shades in three different textures that are inspired and named after iconic shoes and shades that Christian Louboutin customers have previously encountered.

These stunning colours represent the brand and carry with them the stories and aspirations of that famous red sole, but all lips deserve to wear Rouge Louboutin! All lipsticks are divided into three groups: matte, semi-transparent and satin finish. Each group has its own leader – keeping in-line with the iconic red and black Louboutin look, the lipstick's special red's will be housed in a unique black lacquered case while the rest do not look less impressive: golden-crowned cases pointed shape loop, to wear jewellery lipstick on the neck as a pendant.

Christian Louboutin is launching this incredible couture collection exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in a couple weeks. So it's a good time to start saving money on your purchase because I think these lipsticks become absolutely and undoubtedly the beauty must-haves of the season FW 2015-2016. Agree? Share in the comments below!

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