Best False Eyelashes and How to apply them

I always wanted to have longer eyelashes and, to be honest, I didn’t like to use too much mascara to make my eyelashes look fabulous. Several times I even tried salon eyelash perming, but in this case you are not allowed to use mascara at all (if you like the effect lasts longer). So I started to research a lot and found out, that there are actually so many ways you can make your eyelashes look longer. And recently I got hooked on false eyelashes. So today I decided to share with you the best false eyelashes brands, which I picked up for this review.

I always adore false eyelashes, because they add a definition and depth to your eyes that mascara just can’t replicate. And I really like the final result they give you. Whether you want length, doll-like, cat-like, volume or a natural look – no problem! All you have to do is to decide what would suit your eye shape and personal style – and go get lashed!

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Revel London

So the first false eyelashes I would like to talk about are from Revel London. This brand has a vast range of many different shapes and sizes. So if you prefer a doll-like doe eye, go for lashes that are long in the center. If you like a sexy cat-eye (my favourite one), get lashes that become longer towards the ends. The lashes from Revel London are super lightweight and flexible, meaning they fit to my eye perfectly without any discomfort so I can easily wear them all day long. And, truly say, I cannot imagine my daily makeup without these particular lashes. The transparent band (so thin but not fragile) helps them blend in with my natural lashes and as a result they add the perfect amount of volume to my natural lashes and give my eyes a whispy look. So I can say that I finally found my favourite false eyelashes brand which fits perfectly.

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Nouveau Lashes

The false eyelashes from Nouveau Lashes is an extremely high quality product that lets me create any look I want. But I have to warn you, it takes a steady hand to put these amazing eyelashes on, because they are made mostly for professional use only and are perfect for those looking for professional lashes. So if you have never tried anything similar before, it’s better to start with normal Striplashes range. I like how it doesn’t have sheen like some too plastic looking lashes. They look so natural but not too natural to the point where I can’t see a difference. Very versatile for no makeup makeup days or full on glam smoky looks.

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Jenni’s Beauty Lashes

The next brand I would like to draw your attention to is Jenni’s Beauty Lashes. It is 100% Human Hair – premium quality strip lashes and they are all hand-made. These lashes are extremely pretty and give eyes an extra glam look without being over the top. However, they are pretty heavy (so I wear them only for special occasions or night outs) and the strip is quite long, so if you have smaller eyes like me, it’s important to trim and place them properly, or they can be a little much. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with the quality and with the final result.

Some useful tips for applying false eyelashes properly

1. Remove lash strip from package and gently toggle the lash band back and forth between your fingers in a U shape. This helps loosen up the lash strip, making it more pliable. Now place lashes directly above the lash line. Lashes should begin a few millimeters away from the inner corner of your eye.
2. Apply some adhesive. You can apply it directly from the tube onto lashes, but this method often results in excess glue. Now hold lashes between fingers and gently run the glue evenly along the strip.
3. Don’t be nervous while applying false eyelashes. Using either your fingers or a pair of tweezers, grasp the lash side of the falsies, tilt your head back and gently place lash strip directly above your natural lashes.
4. To finish off the look I prefer to apply a few lashings of mascara after the falsies are on. It’s a good way to blend your natural lashes with the false ones.


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