Best Lipsticks You Should Try

What are the best lipsticks you should try? As far as the summer is going to an end, it’s time to think about some beauty trends, that will be much claimed this autumn. So why not to start preparing now? Today I suggest you speak a little about the best new lipsticks you should try. The colour of carrots, blueberries, eggplant – these very simple vegetable and fruit colours are worth a try this season!

As you may know, it’s not necessary to search for quality beauty products just among luxury brands. It can be that the ideal in terms of price and quality product can be found in the mass-market, or in the middle price segment. So I’ve made some research and ready to present you some amazing lipsticks, which suits all type of budget.

Candied Red by Bobbi Brown

The brand Bobbi Brown has a dozen textures and more than a hundred shades. Muted red is a good alternative to the usual scarlet lipstick, and, by the way, it requires less in the painstaking applying and is suitable for everyday use.

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My Beautiful Rocket by Lime Crime

Brand Lime Crime is well-known for its liquid matte lipsticks, which are considered to be a sample for a matte texture. The normal Lime Crime lipsticks are also good. So if you are not ready to decide on testing mint, pale blue or yellow shades, choose the bright carrots then.

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Satin Blueberry by Make Up For Ever

The brand has a black shade of lipstick, but I recommend staying with safe and easy-to-use colours, such as blueberry. Why not? You can apply it very easy with a dense layer, that holds most of the day and can become the only focus in your make-up, because heavily shaded eyes or bright blush is already overdo.

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Flat Out Fabulous by MAC

MAC has many notable bright and colourful shades of lipsticks, so choose only one of them is almost impossible. It’s preferable to make an acquaintance with the brand with proven hits like Ruby or Hang Up, but the best option would be for this season – their famous matt fuchsia Flat Out Fabulous. Due to the texture Retro Matte lipstick firmly lies on the lips and held without reapplication throughout the day.

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La Sensuelle by Chanel

Chanel has also a series of matte lipsticks, but it is not the same tough matte, like MAC and Lime Crime. These lipsticks have no clear shimmer, but the texture is creamier. Dark fuchsia goes almost everyone and it does not look defiant, even with a colored mascara or bright blush.

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Whipped Caviar by NYX

It’s not quite obvious, what relationship has this livable cold pink colour to a Whipped Caviar, but to have one of such lipsticks is definitely worth it. It is almost an invisible lipstick, if you apply it in one layer, but when you’re using a coloured mascara and two layers of this lipstick - it already looks like a complete makeup!



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