How to grow hair fast

How to grow hair fast? Who does your hair? Share your hair care routine! – these are the most frequently asked questions. That’s why today I thought I will introduce you to my hairdresser, the man behind my hair, – Civan.

“I think that the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser” – Joan Crawford.

Civan is a celebrity hairstylist, the most famous hairdresser in Berlin and the owner of Civan Coiffure, a unique upscale hair salon, located in the western part of Berlin near Savignyplatz, very fancy area with a lot of different restaurants and shops around. So the environment and new people always inspire Civan to develop and implement his own ideas. He is not only a hairstylist. He is a consultant at fashion events and on TV and the organiser of the “Walk of Fashion”, the biggest open air fashion show in Berlin. All of this allows him to be on the pulse of the latest trends! “Knowledge and passion are the keys to success in this career. Only when you understand how the industry works, can you direct your passion and learn how to make it work for you” – Civan.

How to grow hair fast 003 - How to grow hair fast

So if you’re living or visiting Berlin and are looking for a new hairstylist for a simple cut and colouring or something drastic like chopping all off, he is the one! Civan always makes me feel very comfortable during the whole process and takes care of my hair like no one else. All the little things like this you really appreciate about a good hairstylist, right?

So whether you’re trying to grow out layers, dye or just generally want to grow your hair, Civan will share with you some secrets about Hair Care Routine & Tips on How to grow hair fast! Enjoy the video!





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