Pompöös cosmetics for a real Princess

There are lots of different brands out there, who are all about us girls. They do insanely beautiful packaging, covered with Swarovski crystals or go minimalistic and create a rose gold casing, am I right? You name it. Among those luxury brands are Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Guerlain, even Chanel. These brands are on the top, and they’re always looking for something new to draw our attention. But can you name me at least two or three brands, that are not so pricey, but still adorable?

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Well, let me introduce you to the most wanted yet very affordable makeup brand ever! Pompöös is a new makeup brand, created by Harald Glööckler here in Germany. The royal cosmetic line, consisting of the high-quality products, stands for sensuality and beauty. Another special highlight – the shimmering gold packaging under the motto “Be Glamorous, Be a Princess” with the iconic crown. So if you always wanted to be a princess, then this is definitely for you! When I’ve opened the box full of Pompöös goodies, oh my, I was stupefied how gorgeous these products are. Just for a second, they got me feeling like a little girl when unwrapping the most desired present.

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Firstly, how stunning Pompöös’s packaging is?! It’s just too beautiful to hide away. One of the things I fell in love with about this brand is the way they give you the best quality in the packaging and the product. Every detail is filled with love and desire. Everything is packaged in this eye-catching bright gold casing which is just so pretty. But without further ado let’s move straight to the products.

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The Princess Foundation is lightweight, easy to apply and doesn’t make me feel greasy after a prolonged amount of wear time. It’s very similar to the Lancome one – Teint Idole Ultra 24h. Thanks to a high-quality active ingredient complex with shea butter and olive oil, it gives your skin a fresh and delicate glow.

350 - Pompöös cosmetics for a real Princess

Fluid Concealer with its creamy consistency glides over skin and blends perfectly with the complexion, avoiding an unattractive “mask” effect. Its excellent formula creates an optical effect that minimises imperfections. Also, there was no “cakey” appearance, but instead a lot of brightness. Since it appears that the skin has just absorbed it all up, setting with powder is not really necessary. This concealer can be also used for contouring when you want to brighten some parts of your face.

350 - Pompöös cosmetics for a real Princess

Another great product is the Pressed Powder, which skin-perfecting structure gives your skin a transparent-radiant satin finish, covers small imperfections and lets the skin breathe. Now I keep this one in my bag for touch ups on the go, it blends great and goes on effortlessly. I love the final result, my skin looks so natural and glows like if I had a good sleep or just came back after the vacation. The oily zone touch ups blend softly with my overall makeup and feel very light on my skin.

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The next stop – Rich Lipsticks. I’ve got two gorgeous ones. The Perfect Nude lipstick is my absolute favourite. I always wished for a lipstick in this particular colour and Pompöös granted my wishes! It’s smooth, comfortable and easy to use, which are all the things I wanted from a pale nude lipstick.

350 - Pompöös cosmetics for a real Princess

The Perfect Red looks red in the tube, but is actually a reddish fuchsia, with dark mattes. The formula of this beauty is not like your typical matte lipstick, it’s so comfortable to wear and it actually plumps up your pout, leaves a beautiful tint of colour and makes your lips look not too flat. To be honest, I hardly ever wear colours like this, but I want to wear this one right now. It seems I finally found my perfect red.

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The overall formula of these lipsticks is amazing, not to mention the unique flat shaped bullet. This makes it so much easier to apply as you can get right to the edges of the lips with ease.
The Plum Shimmer Lipgloss with a collagen booster is something incredible. It is not only plumping up your pout, but improves circulation to give your lips a healthy flush. Although this Plum shade is definitely not the colour I would go for, but the product itself is fantastic.

350 - Pompöös cosmetics for a real Princess

The Lovely Nude palette is something I had always seen and swooned over. It feels a lot like Guerlain eyeshadows but even softer, if you can imagine that, and I really love the finish – it has a lovely satiny sheen.

Summing up the above, I would say, that this brand and its every product brings me pure joy. I love everything about it, not mentioning the beautiful packaging, every single product that I’ve tried performs really well, super easy to wear and the quality is on point. So if you’re looking for something rather luxury yet affordable, definitely try these lovely products from Pompöös.




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