My Skincare Routine

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Today I would like to talk to you about my skincare routine and my favourite skin care products. So in the morning I generally don't have any makeup on. But I always like to refresh my face anyway and to clean it from any oil or stuff like that after a night sleep.

At the moment, and I'm not going to lie to you (I’m using it last 5 years or so) I'm using my Clarifying Lotion for Dry Combination Skin from Clinique. I've tried a lot of different lotions so far, but I'm staying loyal to this one instead because it is the best for my skin. So I just apply it to my face every morning using a cotton pad and it helps me to wake up and refresh my skin.

Oils and Serums

After that, I normally apply an Argan or Coconut Oil. Currently, I’m using Dr Scheller Arganoil & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum. It’s my favourite one at the moment because you can literally see how it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and it stimulates and improves your skin’s elasticity. I would say, these kinds of oils and serums became my daily skin care products and I really can feel the difference.


Talking about oils, it’s very important to mention, that you have to be very careful in choosing the proper face cream. Otherwise, you will get an allergic reaction or skin rashes. My choice at the moment is JAN MARINI Transformation Face Cream. To say that it is fine is basically to say nothing. This cream is an absolute favourite that I’ve ever used before. It absorbs quickly and it’s very lightweight. And it smells so good, I cannot even describe, how it’s good!

I have fair skin that tends to be dry in the winter. But this cream made my skin absolutely incredible. It goes on great and you do not have to use a lot at one time. It is truly a product that rejuvenates the skin and makes it look younger and gives it a fresher, more "glowing" appearance. Although it’s quite pricey, it's worth every penny!


The next my ultimate favourite so far is the SkinCeuticals Face Cream for ageing skin. As far as my skin is not so young and fresh anymore, this cream has become literally my salvation, because it is very light, rehabilitative and it really does help to correct visible signs of age-related skin damage. I’ve been using it a month and a half and I have only positive feelings about it.

This cream actually softens my skin and has not caused any skin rashes. It really sinks into your skin and there is no offensive odour, despite a light scent of oat or hop. It is rather expensive, but you'll note the obvious difference compared to any mass-market products. I really love this cream. The thing that sets this cream apart from others is that you can feel all of it penetrates into your skin and doesn't just sit on top of your skin like other moisturizers. So if you’re looking for something for an ageing skin, go for it with no doubts!

And the last product, but not least, I would like to mention is the SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defence Cream. The reason, why I’m mentioning it here on my Skincare Routine, is because the spring season is coming and the skin needs some protection. Of course, I can only speak for myself, because the cream goes perfectly with my skin tone. Although I have very fair skin (as I mentioned before) and the cream looks first times very dark, I see the cream is not painted, but it covers such an extent that I actually need no other makeup, except for a concealer here and there. I try to use this cream on a daily basis when it’s sunny and it works perfectly as a BB Cream – only a way more effective.

I’m more than sure, that this cream goes with any skin tone well along. This little bottle lasts for quite a while as it is light and gives my skin such a natural glow that really enhances the skin. I also should say though, that if you plan on swimming, sweating or being in the sun for an extended amount of time, be sure to reapply it at least every 2 hours for the most effectiveness of the product.

So these were all my favourite products at the moment. Please, feel free to share with me in the comment bar below your favourite skincare product. I’m always looking for something new and interesting to try and I would be glad to hear your opinion if you have ever used one of those products, which I’ve mentioned in this article or not.

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