Stocking Fillers: Christmas Gift Ideas

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Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further, because there are some quality stocking fillers that will show your loved ones just how much you care about them (not to mention how good your taste is). Today let's talk about the best stocking fillers ideas for Him and Her for this holiday season, shall we? They may be small in size, but these presents pack a big punch. In fact, you may even be tempted to get them for yourself. Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you get two.

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For her

MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection

Patrick Starrr Holiday Collection is apparently the beauty guru’s last collaboration with MAC — do you think this means we’ll be seeing an independent line in the future? Until then, this collection is festive enough for the holiday season and versatile enough that whoever you give it to will still be able to wear well into next year. Speaking of next year, while the collection features lots of Christmassy reds and golds, there’s also lots of sparkly pigment that will be just perfect for New Year’s Eve. And with shades with titles like “Slay ride” and “Spank Me Santa”, you’ll get a good laugh out of it too.

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Dior Christmas collection

The best thing about Dior is that you really can't go wrong with it. Whether you’re getting your soul sister a little of everything from a nice lipgloss to their iconic eyeshadow palette, or getting your significant other a little Dior bag full of sweet nothings, you’ll be gifting them some great skincare products. Not only will they look good, but they also feel good too. Isn't it just the best stocking filler ever?

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Daniel Wellington Melrose + Bracelet

Daniel Wellington’s beautiful, simple watch faces have a timeless quality to them (no pun intended) and can be matched to any outfit with their changeable bands. This particular combination comes with a classic mesh band and a bracelet, but you can even create your own combination, which can give your gift more of a personal touch. And it works so great as a stocking filler too.

350 - Stocking Fillers: Christmas Gift Ideas

For him

Dior Bois d’Argent Fragrance

Mixing florals with musks sounds like a recipe for the kind of perfume that clears elevators, but Bois d’Argent, French for Silver wood, perfectly blends notes from both sides of the spectrum. I could go on about the hearty, woodsy sweetness and the fresh forest-y feel, but you’re better off discovering it for yourself. Whoever the “him” is that you’re buying it for, they will smell like a million bucks (low-key, confident millions, not in-your-face millions).

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Daniel Wellington Sheffield + St. Mawes

Yes, again. One of the best parts of their design aesthetic is that it blends elements of femininity and masculinity to make designs that can suit anyone and everyone. For example, if you’re looking for a design that’s a little more traditionally masculine, go for this Sheffield and St. Mawes combination with classic leather bands.

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Happy Socks

It’s all fine and dandy to be a sneakerhead or a fervent advocate of fancy dress shoes, but no matter which footwear tickles your fancy, you need the perfect socks to back it up. When men’s fashion has progressed to a place where it finally embraces all the colours and patterns available, plain white socks seem, well, plain. Save your loved ones from a life of colourless and cold feet with a socks gift box. Happy Socks, in particular, are colourful and fun, but still stylish and office-appropriate.

350 - Stocking Fillers: Christmas Gift Ideas

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