Testing L.O.V. Cosmetics

As you probably know I’m very much into testing makeup at the moment, so I thought today I would test out some new makeup products and share with you my opinion. This time I’m going to be testing L.O.V. Cosmetics – a new makeup brand from Germany by Cosnova, featuring an amazingly large number of products. Cosnova also hosts brands like Essence and Catrice and like its predecessors, the classy makeup products won’t break the bank. The price is very affordable (between €5 to €20), and you can find this brand almost in any drugstore all over the Europe.

The GuiltEyes Fan Effect Mascara is a secret weapon for every girl! This mascara gives your eyelashes spectacular volume yet looks very natural at the same time. And the very well shaped professional brush will help you to define your eyelashes perfectly and with ease.


350 - Testing L.O.V. Cosmetics

An affair that every woman should take advantage of – intense, multifaceted and absolutely sensual. Yes, the LipAffair from L.O.V. is just exactly what women desire from a lipstick. The intensively pigmented, creamy formula with subtly shiny or matte finish is enriched with nourishing oil and makes your lips look full and supple! Matte Isabelle’s Plum №540, I would call a classic plum, very intense colour with a slightly matte finish, and Verena’s Rose №521 is a perfect nude with a hint of a peachy undertone.

IMG 5780 1024x683 - Testing L.O.V. Cosmetics
The Glacious Stylo Eyeshadow in the shades Bronze Leaf, Ice Star and Lunar shine is a true masterpiece. If you’re looking for something truly spectacular that will help you to slay any look you desire, then you should definitely give these stylo eyeshadows a try! Its crème powder formula and all these shimmery shades are something to die for! I was completely over the moon for these eyeshadows.


350 - Testing L.O.V. Cosmetics

The LipAfair Colour & Care Lip Pencil in the shades – №570 Saneia, №501 Gesine, №530 Ayann – combines precision with a supple texture. Its nourishing formula is enriched with cottonseed and jojoba oil as well as vitamin E. So it helps you to use these pencils not only as a contouring tool, but also as a full coverage lipstick.

IMG 5757 1024x983 - Testing L.O.V. Cosmetics
The LOViconyx Eyeshadow & Contouring Palette is a holy grail of the whole collection. I was very surprised by the high quality of their eyeshadows considering the price. They don’t feel hard and powdery like you’d expect, the formula is absolutely on point. You can even compare these eyeshadows with the Modernist Eyeshadow Palette from Hourglass. And believe me, you will get almost the same quality, maybe even better.

350 - Testing L.O.V. Cosmetics

All in all, I’m very much satisfied with the L.O.V. Cosmetics products so far. The quality is on point and the packaging is exactly what you wanted it to be – very classic and elegant.




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