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Today I'd like to share with you my top summer beauty products that will make you look like a million dollars this season. I'm planning to make a series of articles, so it will be the first one, where I will tell you all about how to save and recover your skin during the summer. As you all may know, in the spring-summer period it is quite necessary to let your skin breathe.  At the same time hot air and dust, it may cause to redness and dryness, and you constantly feel the urge to wash or to fresh up your face.

First thing you should probably do is to use a thermal water. But be careful! If you have a lot of make-up on your face, it won't help, it will make even worse. Try to use a minimum of foundation or even better replace it with nourishing cream with good SPF, when it is too hot outside. And now pick up your pen and write down my top must-have products, that should be in a lady's bag in this time of the year.

clinique caudalie - Top summer beauty products

The next must-have product on my list is Avene Thermal Spring Water - very soft, refreshing, effectively soothes, relieves irritation, eliminates exfoliations, caused by dehydration. Use it to set the mineral powder makeup for a long time. It's very gentle and lightweight. I would say it is the best product for that application I've ever tried. It dries quickly. Even at the end of the day, your makeup will still look as fresh as it did in the morning.

And the last but not least for today are the Melvita Floral waters, which gently invigorate the skin upon waking, refresh the skin in summer, and give the perfect final touch to your evening cleansing ritual. I'd like to notice, that this product not only instantly refreshes the skin but also eliminates problems such as irritation, redness and loss of tone. Floral water does not cause allergies and does not clog the pores and prevent skin dryness.

I hope, these products will help you with your daily routine and let you enjoy the upcoming summer. I would appreciate your comments below about what products do you usually use during the summer period.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray is a deep moisturizing spray. Thanks to aloe extract spray protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment due to the content of vitamin E and it gives your skin a wonderful glow. It feels good when it mists on the face and then evaporates into your skin.

Another good product for our purposes is Lush Breath of Fresh Air - a gentle spray, which includes a spring water, fresh sea water and aloe-Vera gel. I recommend you to apply the toner directly to your face immediately after cleansing. Then let the product soak into your skin and then continue on with the rest of your skincare routine and make-up. Use it as often, as your skin needs it. During the summer period, you could also use it in the morning instead of washing the face.

You should always remember one simple rule - all thermal products should be sprayed at a distance of 15-20 cm from the face, so as not to spoil the make-up when you use it during the day.

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