Top Summer Makeup Collections

What are the Top Summer Makeup Collections! Let's find out. Seems that it would be one of the most amazing summer seasons ever! Almost all brands have focused on warm shades, which blend well with the tan skin, and added a couple of contrasting bright spots to their collections. Let’s start with my favourites!

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Guerlain Summer 2015 

Very delicate and feminine collection by Guerlain looks perfect. This collection provides traditional bronzer powder, which is released in two versions: for blondes and brunettes. The most interesting novelty is a waterproof cream shadow in shades of beige and mint. They echo with pearl nail polish and lipstick (golden and crimson). You can use all at once and look beautiful without any overdo.
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Chanel Méditerranée 

Of all marine collections, CHANEL palette is most unexpected. It is full of earthy and as far as possible, natural shades (varnishes, eyeshadow and pencil), interspersed with bright red lipstick and lip gloss. Meanwhile, the central element is figured in the form familiar to the brand camellia flower – powder, which can be used as a bronzer and as eyeshadows at the same time.
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Dolce & Gabbana Summer Shine 

The overall theme of the Mediterranean has affected to Dolce & Gabbana as well. Pale blue lipstick has become a distinctive feature of it. Highlighter and blusher – are the two main products, which I highly recommend you to take a look closer. In addition, if you still have not found your ideal shades of beige shadows and realized that all the sectors in Naked by Urban Decay you won’t be used in future, maybe four Smooth Eye Colour Quad # 148 is what you need now.

Dior Tie Dye 

Truly say, this collection is one of my favourites. The Tie Dye managed to keep a nice balance: it can be made as usual for the summer, bronze make-up, or just bright and light one. For the first look you need to use BB-cream blush and partly two five-coloured palettes of shadows, for the second – Kohl pencil, lipstick and nail polish. For those, who feel more difficult to come up with an interesting, but not causing make-up, Dior prepared a special video tutorial (it is worth a look).

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MAC Wash & Dry 

MAC believes that this summer their customers will get out to the sea or in cruise. Therefore, in the first summer collection were found resistant means for eyebrows, mascara, pencils Technakohl diligent and bright lipsticks of different textures. They were complemented by a powdery blush and eyeshadow trio, very beautiful gradient highlighters and a couple of saturated nail polishes.

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NARS х Christopher Kane 

For those who are tired of the eternal golden summer warm palette, this collection can be a breath of fresh air – cool colours prevail here, and there are no shimmer textures. I cannot argue that this time the brand has surprised a rich palette, but next to other summer collections this one by NARS x Christopher Kane stood alone.

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