How To Grow Your Network Fast

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So you’ve decided to be a full-time blogger. Congratulations! You’ve just made a great decision. And at the same time so sorry, because there is a bunch of different type of bloggers all around the globe today. But if you are honest and serious in your decision, then welcome to the club, because in this article I will share with you some tips, how to act being a full-time blogger and how to grow your network fast.


First of all, forget everything you’ve read before! Once you decided to take your blog seriously, the first thing you should keep in mind — say goodbye to your normal daily routine. Since now, your work schedule will be irregular, because you should keep an eye on your Blog and stay organized 24/7.

Yes, now you’re the Boss. Great! No more orders or corrections. You can do whatever you want, but there is one huge "But". Now you have to make your schedule alone, to deal with SMM and Google Analytics, to write posts and to film your videos — namely to be up to date regularly and to post on your Blog at least two times per week. No more weekends, no more holidays, only sleepless nights and permanent deadlines.

Alas at the beginning it will be very hard, believe me. But later you will learn how to deal with all of it. You will learn to plan your posts beforehand and to use special tools for scheduling your tweets and updates. And only a few months later you will get a normal, planned workflow to keep going forward.

If you’re still thinking, that full-time blogging is only freebies, well-paid campaigns, travelling and photo-shooting, you’re wrong. Being a full-time blogger is a very hard work, but, believe me, it worth it. Just learn to be realistic as much, as possible, and set a goal to achieve in short and long time periods.


The next important thing is your social activity. Please, do not assume, that subscribers will come looking for you because they won’t. You have to work on it. The capacity subscriber base is very painstaking work, requiring a lot of time. Plan at least one day a week on your schedule to work with your social networks. As for me, with my Twitter subscribers, I’m working like that. Besides the facts, that I have planned tweets for a few days in advance and the automatic re-post messages from my Blog, Facebook page and other social media, I do not forget to communicate directly with my existing subscribers and to follow the new ones. And, of course, once upon a time you have to think about launching your YouTube Channel.

The main point and one thing that really matters — is the fact, that all your subscribers should be real people, not bots. So it’s absolutely useless to buy subscribers, using different services. You will lose your money and, in addition, it won’t make your Blog the more visited place. Always keep in mind one thing — you work only for yourself, so do everything as perfect, as you can.


Marketing should become one of the most important tools in your work because you have to actively market your blog and you can do that through a variety of ways. You can start chatting with other bloggers by leaving comments on their blog posts — this will help draw people back to your own Blog.

You have to be obsessed with your own work and, as I said before, you have to take it more seriously, because you build bit by bit your own future success. So it doesn’t matter, what you choose to do, just get out there and market yourself by any possible means. There's really no excuse not to.

And do not forget to educate yourself, it concerns everything. Start to increase your SEO knowledge, learn how to work with Google Analytics, explore new programs and features, which can help to make your job easier. Always move straight forward to your dream, even if you feel non-confident sometimes, because "The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed".

If you’re still in the middle of your journey and can’t find the right decision, which direction to follow, just remember one simple rule — If you give up now, what was the point of everything?



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