The Fashion Week season has started as usual in mid-January 17-20, 2017. The whole city of Berlin has transformed into a huge fashion scene for all the fashion lovers – designers, fashionistas, bloggers, brands and the media. This year Kaufhaus Jandorf has been chosen as a new location for Berlin Fashion Week, where all the main events were taking place – an old building with a history full of fashion lovers from all over the world.

Berlin Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events of the year and is all about the elegance. Yes, when elegance meets coolness and becomes a trend. Risk, creativity, challenge – all of these are the main trademarks of the German fashion. The new designs are very unexpected; it’s always a devotion to sophisticated details and bold cocky materials and colours. The local fashion scene is active and vibrant: new designer stores open up each year while fashion magazines keep growing and developing.

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The strongest selling point of Berlin Fashion Week is probably the risk, the eclecticism, appreciation of young talent and an amazing atmosphere. It always has something to offer to anyone involved. There are countless events for bloggers such as Fashion Blogger Café or HASHMAG Blogger Lounge, Premium Exhibitions for buyers and retailers, even for fashion students. Everyone will find something here during the Fashion Week.

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Fashion Blogger Café was one of the first in the series of fashion events. In addition to a variety of entertainment, there was also a possibility to meet the brands like ArtDeco or L’Oreal and have a nice chat with them. It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded people.

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HASHMAG Blogger Lounge became a hot-spot and a saving point for all the bloggers during this Fashion Week. Apart from the good and warming talks, you could also have your hair and make-up freshened up, or just enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, relaxing after a long and busy day. The hosts were absolutely kind and companionable and created such a lovely and friendly atmosphere. Also for cool memories, you could have pictures from your mobile phone printed on the photo automat and integrated into a scrapbook with cards, stickers and other creative details. But this was not the only thing you could personalise. At the Ebelin station, there was a free Highlighter-Brush, which could be engraved with your name in a few minutes. Isn’t it cute?

As a blogger, I was also invited to some of the most remarkable shows.

IMG 0023 1024x1022 - BERLIN FASHION WEEK AW 2017 IMG 9942 1024x764 - BERLIN FASHION WEEK AW 2017


Marcel Ostertag’s new collection is all about Revolution. He celebrates the woman with a revolution, with her inner revolt and the power hidden inside. The A/W 2017 collection follows the magnificent guideline succeeding in creating a total look that doesn’t make it seem like uniform and makes every single piece unique and special through the crafted details. Being beautiful and indestructible at the same time, that is exactly what the entire collection is all about.

IMG 9887 1024x1024 - BERLIN FASHION WEEK AW 2017 IMG 9872 1024x1024 - BERLIN FASHION WEEK AW 2017


Inspired by the 80s and the antimodern, new collection of Rebekka Ruetz is a pure Ode to Dark Renaissance. Well-known for her extreme and remarkable creations, the designer decided to go deep inside the madness. She has created a collection, where hardness is joined with soft beauty, and all the shapes are either inflated or deconstructed. It’s a pure beauty – remarkable, dark, bold and insolent. Flint grey, peaty brown and charcoal black meet pumice beige, pale ash and parchment white. Magnificent!

berlin fashion week rebekka ruetz aw2017 2 - BERLIN FASHION WEEK AW 2017

There were lots and lots of other events happening during the Berlin Fashion Week, so definitely check out my new video. After all Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is a very nice event to get inspiration. And it is always nice to come across a lot of familiar faces and meet new people! All in all, I’m already looking forward to the Summer!





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