Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018

Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2018 is over, and if you were following along on my Instagram, you may have seen my adventures. But if not, I thought, rather than share with you each and every photo of what I got up to, I would select my favourites and bring it to you in diary slash vlog format. Does it sound good?

berlin fashion week ss 2018 008 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018


Berlin Fashion Week, unlike any other, always has its own unique spirit. It’s not only about the designs, but about the vibes, that surround the city. Berlin turns into the bold, marvellous, shameless fashion scene only for one week. Even the very air is filled with its weird magic. So let’s take a look at the most extraordinary trends of the spring/summer season 2018, shall we? This time I was invited to attend several amazing shows, had a chance to interview the designers and spend a wonderful time at some of the exciting blogger events.

My Berlin Fashion Week’s started a bit earlier, on Monday, with the first event from Coca-Cola – Coke Summer Night in the Berliner Club Haubentaucher. It’s a nice place, located almost in the city centre, with a wonderful pool area and the bar with a dance floor. There we had a chance to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the party and to discuss our plans for the upcoming week.

berlin fashion week ss 2018 003 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018berlin fashion week ss 2018 014 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018berlin fashion week ss 2018 017 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018

The next stop – FashionBloggerCafe! It’s a traditional blogger event, organised by StyleRanking, that takes place twice a year as a part of Berlin Fashion Week. This time it’s supposed to be a beach-like event with a festival feeling at Beach Mitte Berlin, but the weather during the Berlin Fashion Week was pretty awful. Despite that fact, a good company and a great location did the job. So it was so much fun to spend a couple of hours there, enjoying some snacks and making new friends.

HashMag Blogger Lounge with all kind of exciting DIY activities, beauty treatments, snacks and drinks definitely became once again a hotspot for the bloggers during the fashion week chaos. Here you could have some rest, drink a glass of sparkling wine and chat with the fellow bloggers between the events.

There were lots and lots of other events, like Vero Moda and ONLY Fashion Gardens with their stylish summer lounge atmosphere or a home-like STILGEFLÜSTER Fashion Week Showroom and much more. All of them you can see on my Vlog-video below. And now let’s move on to the fashion shows, shall we?

berlin fashion week ss 2018 018 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018


This year Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, as well as the main fashion events, took place at the old department store Kaufhaus Jandorf. As you probably know, for about a year now I live in Berlin, which means I could easily come and go to shows with just a taxi, rather than a flight and a hotel stop. It doesn’t seem like a big deal though, but when you have a chance to get changed into anything in your wardrobe rather than your suitcase and you have your whole makeup collection at your disposal, what could be better than that, right? And the Kaufhaus Jandorf is like 20 min far from the place where I live. Isn’t it just fab?

Another great thing – I was sitting in the front row during each and every show, so I could take some great pictures and videos of the complete looks, which I did, of course. So now let’s talk about the main trends, that are going to pop up next season.

berlin fashion week ss 2018 006 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018berlin fashion week ss 2018 005 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018


Airy flapping, translucent materials and a touch of lace. Sounds adorable, right? For me, the new STEINROHNER collection was the most wearable, beautiful and inspiring one. Each and every fabric was chosen perfectly. There was everything in this collection for the feminine, subtle dress worshipper like myself. The designers, Caroline Rohner and Inna Stein, did a great job and inspired me a lot with all their incredible designs! So the trend transparency awaits us in 2018, which I’m super excited about.

 berlin fashion week ss 2018 007 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018


Very bold, yet simple and sustainable collection from ODEUR STUDIOS features visually striking but rather wearable pieces, using mainly off-white and very light colours. Modern cuts and garments define selected textiles and take the beholder and the wearer away with into a world of clear lines and simplicity.

berlin fashion week ss 2018 001 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018berlin fashion week ss 2018 013 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018 berlin fashion week ss 2018 012 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018


The NATHINI VAN DER MEER’s new collection has a no-season character. In contrast to the common fast-forward approach the designer deliberately searches for slow-fashion elements, focusing on experimental material-sourcing, longevity and quality rather than rapid trend-cycles while leaving gender-norms behind. That’s why her new collection is rather timeless and very artistic with the mix of all bright colours possible.

So as you may have noticed, the fashion made the circle and now we’re moving back to the minimalistic designs and cut-outs on one hand, and to the feminine delicate even aethereal silhouettes – on the other.

berlin fashion week ss 2018 009 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018 berlin fashion week ss 2018 011 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018 berlin fashion week ss 2018 010 - Berlin Fashion Week SS 2018

Enjoy the Vlog from Berlin Fashion Week and don’t forget to leave me a nice comment.

Special thanks: Hair – Braun, Makeup – FACE Stockholm, ArtDeco, Photo – Vadim Photography, Blogger Apartment.



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