Do you love shoes as much as I do? Then, let’s talk about it. For me personally summer season is the best and at the same time – the worst season for wearing shoes. Why? Well, it’s very hot outside, and if you wear high heels from dawn till dusk, you can end up dying very fast because of pain. So this summer I decided to treat myself! What did I do?

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Well, I decided not to wear high heels during the hot summer days anymore. I know, wearing high heels is very beautiful and it makes the whole look very feminine. But when you found the right alternative to high heels, you can be as much feminine without them as possible.

Recently I’ve discovered a new brand of shoes, which became almost instantly my favourite one and it’s Avarcas Menorquinas, a Spanish handmade shoe brand. They have the most summer sandals I’ve ever worn – feminine, stylish, chic and above all super comfy.

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So I’ve decided to order two different pairs – FAROLA one for parties, and the other one AVELLANES – for classy and chic look. Well, if you asked me, have I ever regretted it? – Not even a minute! It’s one of the best investments of my life lately. To be honest, I always had problems choosing and wearing shoes. For me it was always better to buy a chic pair of shoes instead of comfortable. But when you can get both options – there is nothing to think about, you should just go for it!

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So for me, Avarcas Menorquinas became one of those brands to die for and I would highly recommend to take a look at, the quality is out of competition and the prices at the same time – more than affordable. Believe me, once you wear these sandals, you will never go back to the high heels… well, almost never 🙂


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