THE FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST | I’m 100% sure, that many of you often ask yourself – How to start? And the other of you probably asks – how to force yourself to get up from the chair and start to do some sports? As for me, the most motivational factor in all this stuff is to choose the right outfit. Whilst you’ve bought one, you won’t be able to look at it day by day without wearing it. Believe me. Your only limit is you! So the first step – go shopping. Choose the proper sneakers for fitness training and jogging, a good fitness capri or shorts, and don’t forget to buy a sports bra either then just a t-shirt.


Be sure, that you’ve chose the proper fitness clothes. Let’s clarify this. Clothing, in which you are going to exercise, has to meet certain requirements:

•    Fitness clothing should be comfortable; it should not prevent you to perform certain exercises;
•    Do not wear too much clothes, otherwise you will be too hot and uncomfortable;
•    The body needs to breathe. During the training you will sweat a lot, so you need clothes that will absorb the moisture. Choose only sports-specific fitness clothing, that uses the best fabrics for moisture absorbency, coolness, and ease of movement;
•    Be sure to wear your normal size. Too tight clothes will hamper the movement, and interfere doing the exercises. Clothing smaller may even cause injury during training;
•    And the last very important rule – Clothing should be beautiful. Any clothing, whether it is intended for the theater or the gym, should be beautiful. Then you will feel yourself comfortable and confident.

As for me, I’m quite happy with my Reebok Women’s RealFlex Running Shoes. I’ve bought them like two or three years ago, but they are super comfort and fit me good. The Realflex boasts of a shoe with ample comfort yet lower to the ground than any shoe in its class, allowing for a more natural run. The flexibility of the shoes can really be noticed when standing on ones toes, so these shoes are great for both sprinting (on the toes), or easy distance (midfoot or heel). As for me, I will recommend these shoes to anyone, who puts in a lot of miles each week, because they’re very lightweight and a comfortable for almost any type of trainings.

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Speaking about clothing, I have to say a couple of words about the most favorite thing, which I’ve bought for my exercises. It is Layla Capri by Wolford, a truly well-known brand across the entire globe as the standard of excellent hosiery, lingerie and bodywear. It’s not enough to say that they are amazing. No. There are no words to describe, how happy am I. First of all it feels like they are very natural and very delicate for the skin. They made from pleasant viscose jersey with just the right touch of stretch for an infinitely flattering fit, so you can easily do yoga, stretching, TRX and so on without any worries. And the second thing, it’s not necessary to wear them only while training. You can combine them with a dress and it wouldn’t look inappropriate at all. Simple and chic, these lovely Wolford Layla Capri are perfect for the girl on the go! So it’s not about the training, it’s about everything. And, truly say, I wear these Capri often with a dress, that’s how pleasant they are.

And the final thing you should buy for your first training day is, of course, sports bra, crop top or a t-shirt. It’s you to decide. As for me, I prefer to deal with a t-shirt, because when you train almost every day, you have to change them daily as well. So it’s not enough to buy only one t-shirt, you have to buy three or four at least. Or you can combine your whole look with different types workout shirts and bras.

I hope I could help you out at the first stage. In the next article I will tell you, what exercises to start with from being inactive for a long time, as well as tell you about my balanced diet and cleaning programme, so stay tuned.

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