Sooner or later, in everyone’s life there comes an important point – the first visit in the gym. No matter whether you want to lose weight or just strengthen muscles and improve well-being, at first sight everything will seem unusual and a bit scary. For that reason, I’ve wrote an article – How to start? – where I gave some advices to those of you, who are still doubted. Let’s be honest, I left my previous fitness club about a year ago, because I had a lot of issues to deal with. But a couple of month ago I’ve decide to resume my workouts, so I enrolled to the gym, where everything for me was very familiar. When I resumed my fitness classes, suddenly day-by-day, I started to feel myself better and better. Maybe because of my diet, maybe because of the workouts, but I think, it works in common. But anyway, my first results, which I saw about three or four weeks later, were impressive. I mean, I didn’t expect to see the results so soon. That’s why I would like to share my sports schedule and my diet plan with you.

If you are just a beginner, my advice to you – for the first time is better to start with personal trainer, who develops you an individual trainings programme. But to go to the gym completely unprepared is not worth it. You need to know the basic rules, how to act in the gym – how to warm up, how to use this or that machine, etc. Nonetheless, you should not waste time, start with the easiest exercise.

This rule I’m trying to follow through all my life. And I do my exercises without any excuses as well. So try and try harder and only after some time you’ll appreciate yourself.

Here’s a list of interval workouts for you to try at the beginning:

•    Russian Twist 30×3 with the 6-kilo ball
•    Ball Squat Thrusters 30×3 with 6-kilo ball
•    10 minutes ABS workout

Only after that you can start train, using different types of equipment. Try the most reasonable approach to training. At the end of your workout, spend some time on cardio zone. You can jogging, cycling or using ellipse there. Why is it so important? Let’s say, the combination of weight training and cardio sheds those extra kilos and boosts your metabolism higher than cardio alone. While you’re training like this, you burn several more calories per day than you replace with a fiber of lean muscle. And remember, your training will be useless, if you don’t run at least minimum 30 minutes at a slow, relaxed tempo. Don’t rush. In the fitness world, rushing leads to injuries and discouragement. Be patient, and move slowly straight to your main goal. You have to reach 30 minutes of continuous running, not to set any records getting there. But you have to run as many times per week, as it possible, as additional. Not only in gym, but in park or forest. Try to find more preferable place for this, where you could keep calm and to look straight forward to your goal. Of course, if you are a beginner, for the first time you can replace crossing with 45-minute elliptical interval workout. Everything depends on your preparation.

So just be realistic as much, as possible, and set a goal to achieve. And always remember one simple thing – your body is a reflection of your lifestyle and nothing is going to happen in your comfort zone. So go for it and everything will be alright.

On my next article I will tell you about my balanced diet and cleaning programme, so stay tuned.