How to look trendy on a budget

How to look trendy on a budget? Have you ever wondered how to get the trendiest look for this winter season and at the same stay on a safe side? As winter is just around the corner, it’s very important to find the proper coat. It must be elegant, but not over-priced, feminine, yet a bit bold and it should be 100% chic, right?

Everyone wants to know how to get a trendy look and dress like a Parisian. Ever wondered just why the French look so good? Not because it’s always on trend, but because it’s absolutely effortless. Always. So I’ve written some helpful tips that might help you to look trendy this season.

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Focus on neutral colour

How to look trendy on a budget? First of all, focus on neutrals! Now when you focus on colours like black, white, navy blue, beige or grey – these outfits tend to look clean and polished. Not mentioning they’re a lot easier to pull off, they also look very expensive, effortless and most of all effortless.

Invest in basics

Invest in flattering basics, like white t-shirts or your underwear. Yes, the ill-fitting underwear might be a real nightmare. You’re going to get those awkward indentations in your skin and it’s not going to be flattering.

To look chic and always on fleek, you should wear things that are not only comfortable and breathable but things that are going to lift and sculpt and just make you look your best. So definitely invest in really good quality undergarments and flattering basics. Jeans, blazers, t-shirts – the things you know you’ll get a lot of use out of and that you can mix and match and they can go with a lot of different things in your wardrobe. The tiny secret of how to look trendy on a budget yet very simple one.

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My choice

I’m wearing a military peacoat from Superdry. This is a really good example of a trendy look. This coat has got an ability to turn up the collar, which becomes somewhat of like a fashion trend now. And when I saw that the collar is blood red with a bit of a grey, I fell in love with it immediately.

It’s not the heaviest of coats either, so it’s probably like a nice overcoat more than anything else. I personally like the double-breasted coats, because it keeps its shape and it keeps you warm. I think that a length below the knee or even longer looks extremely elegant on a straight coat.

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How to look trendy on a budget 011 - How to look trendy on a budget How to look trendy on a budget 012 - How to look trendy on a budget

350 - How to look trendy on a budget

Simplicity is the key

The simpler your outfit is – the better. Just add some details to spice up your look. I decided to go for this French fisherman’s cap from H&M. I do believe it adds so much to the whole look and makes it complete. And of course, my all-time favourite white tee. Always helps me out.

And fortunately for us, this season is very generous to all kind of effortless trendy French pieces to add to your wardrobe. Hurry up and purchase some classic and trendy pieces just right between the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Boxing Day sales!

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to look trendy on a budget?

  • Thanks for sharing, I do not have the budget to splash out on clothes and I`m always looking for affordable but lovely pieces that I can mix and match.Really love the jackets as I feel they are what I call “most occassions jackets”

  • Chelf Chelfdom

    Investing in your basics is very wise indeed! Why spend a small fortune on a dress you will only wear once? It’s much better to invets in high quality items that you will actually use every day and will make you smile every single time 🙂

  • I love investing in basic pieces! The great thing is you can make more combinations and look good and fashionable. Somehow, I have luck with discounts in stores and I have a very good deals. A lot of stores have dear cards with collecting points and that’s why you can get a good deal when you purchesing a new collection ^ _ ^

  • Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    You look like a rea Parisian for sure:)
    Love the Coat from Superdry:)
    My sister a big Fan if this Brand:) They have so good pieces:)
    Love, Open Kloset By Karina
    Wish you Happy New Week

  • Jen Lee

    These are some great tips! Basics never go out of style and you can always add a statement piece for a bold effect. I love your military coat and those never go out of style too! There is always some version of that coming back. I have a red military coat that I’ve had for ages and it never seems to go out of style as I get compliments all the time. 🙂

  • jacqueline

    This has literally been my motto. All of the neutrals and focusing on the basics as of late. Loving this head to toe outfit and will have to check out the latest on superdry. Love their stuff


    Very important coat. Essential for everyone and any wardrobe. Never go out from trend. Love how you styled and the fisherman’s hat.

  • Tandya

    I love a good deal! These were all great tips for looking trendy on a budget! Simplicity is key and having a good lineup of basics is a must. I’m really loving your Superdry jacket!


  • Queen Horsfall

    I don’t know why but I always feel so boring when I wear basics, but have a friend who styles it so well. Maybe I am a bit judgmental towards myself. Anyway, love your hat and military style coat. Looks very chic!

  • You look phenomenal ❤❤❤

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Trendy on a low budget is truly tricky at times, but that’s kind of my motto. I try to put the most amount of effort with the least amount of money and that’s usually by, like you said, going by a good and neutral basic and then adding one extra twist of something more expensive. It could be sunnies, a bag, shoes or whatever whereas all of the rest could be from one of the high street brands. I think you did a great job in looking Parisian! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  • Sofia N

    I’m obsessed with this Parisian look. My tips to look trendy on a budget would be to go thrift shopping or try and find some vintage pieces. It also makes you stand out having some unique pieces!

  • Massiel Feliz Rivas

    I think nowadays it’s very easy to dress well even if you have a very small budget, there are so many brands offering amazing items at very low cost. Plus, you get to use your creativity a bit more, and at the end of the day that’s what fashion is all about for me.

    Love your coat and hat, you look stunning!