As long as I’ve recently started my new editorial, where I share with you some tips about blogging and gaining subscribers, I would like to do it on a more permanent basis. Like the idea? So today I’d like to speak with you about, how to promote your blog, which tools to use and how to optimize your workflow. Once you’ve decided to take your Blog seriously, as I have said before at Blogger Tips and Advice, from now on you always have to think about the numbers and the proper promotion. The first and, probably, the main thing you should do is to run your Google Analytics. Yes, one day you have to start with it. So the sooner the better. It’s the only one thing that will help you to analyze, who your audience is and, of course, the visitors’ numbers. In any case, you will definitely need this information in the nearest future to show it to your potential partners or brands.

how to promote your blog - HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG

Despite these facts that higher blog frequency and the themes of your posts correlate to higher traffic you still have to think about the promotion. Of course, the more posts you have, the more attention you will get and the more chances of being found by prospective brands and agencies. So, as I said before, publish your blog posts consistently. It’s always better to plan your schedule beforehand, than to publish everything you have in one week. Thus, compliance with certain time limits is an important part of a proper promotion, because readers are always visiting your blog with some expectations. And if they see older pages without any recent updates, they will eventually give up on your blog and will never come back. So try to keep your blog updated, and if you go on holiday, make best use scheduling tools so you can post articles automatically while you’re away from your desk.

The second important thing is your blog’s grammar. You might be having an immense knowledge to share with the readers but sometimes it may happen that you are not able to deliver the content you were supposed to deliver in due course. Bad spelling will not only ruin your credibility, it will damage your SEO as the search engines won’t appreciate poor copy. Make sure you check everything, use proofreading tools before publishing your article online. For this case, I prefer to use PolishMyWritting Editor.

Another thing is Social Media. Do not underestimate the enormous possibilities which can be offered by this legitimate marketing channel. You always have to remember about this wonderful tool, which is also completely free. Having a social media presence is more than tweeting from time to time. You have to grow real influence, so do not hesitate to use as much social platforms, as possible. Thereby you get completely different subscribers, which will undoubtedly enrich your blog.
Don’t disregard such social media as Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin and Instagram, or even YouTube, while they’re helping you to move on. Also you can add a subscription box to you blog for keeping your followers up to date. If you have not so much time for being active as much as possible, try to use planned publications for any social platform you would like to promote. But firstly, properly test everything and make sure you’re happy with the automatic updates.

You have to be as much active as possible. Try to devote several hours a day to follow the right people, thereby increasing your subscriber base. Join some Facebook communities for bloggers, subscribe for Twitter fellowships and other Blogger networks. And always keep your eye on commenting other blogs. The best way to do this is to engage with leading bloggers via any possible social networks. Contextual blogging where you create content in response to posts published on other blogs, is the best way to go about this. Once you create your post, offer them a gentle reminder – through a tweet or site comment – about your response. Start to communicate directly with the people and always remember once simple thing – all those people, who are following you, are just like you and me, they are real. So try to deal with them like with your own friends – do not hesitate to set some questions and ask for help and advice.

Creating your own area of subscribers is as much about values as it is about learning specific techniques and skills. Focusing on short-term results will never get you very far. So, please, try to write several Plans – for one year, for the half a year and for the next three months. And according to this plan, try to move forward as planned, increasing the number of your subscribers and achieving your goals.


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  • This is really useful! specially the one about the proofreading tools. I’m Spanish, so even if I’m always revising my posts several times I’m not native, so I’m always afraid my posts have lots of mistakes! hehe

    • Thank you, Paula!) Yeah, it’s very important.

  • Wonderful tips Eliza!! Couldn’t agree more. Social media is super important!

  • Great tips for promoting and growing your blog. I have been blogging for a while but I have started to become pretty stagnant so I am doing a little social media experiment for the next 30 days to see if the promotion techniques I want to use are successful in growing my readerbase. These are definitely great tips to be aware of when growing a blog.
    -Amanda Cross

  • Lynda

    Thanks for sharing your tips! Very helpful!
    xoxo Lynda

  • This is so interesting and helpful, thank you so much for sharing! x


  • thank you for sharing your tips! These are so good and helpful. Especially the part about contextual blogging. I always get some ideas after reading great posts written by successful and popular bloggers, but I never really know how to go about it.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  • This was such a helpful post! I agree, grammar and proofreading are so important. As much as I read and re-read my post, sometimes one or two grammatical mistakes get missed, so I appreciate the like to Polish My Writing.

    Keisha xo

    • whoops: that should read, LINK lol

  • These tips are all so true, and really helpful! I think it’s important to be as active as you can too, since blogging truly is hard work and success won’t simply come to you. Great post love! xo

  • Thanks for the fab tips babes! Will definitely be using these to help grow my blog!


  • Great tips! Just starting my own blog and this was really helpful:) Thanks!