Most of you are very interested in Part II of Tips and Tricks for Newbie Bloggers, and I’ve decided to do it more easy-to-follow. So if you’ve started your blog recently, be sure to do it right. On the first Part I’ve talked about, how to start a blog and what to do at the beginning. And now let’s discuss some further important steps.

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Pictures are probably the most important part of your blog. They should be large and clear. Natural light is very important, try not to use a flashlight while shooting. If you’re taking picture of products and you want the colour to be good and you want the quality to be good, use a natural light. Natural light works better with the camera lens, because it brings more light in it and makes everything much clearer and crisper. Generally speaking, natural light is the best for that purposes.

Also I suggest you to use Macro setting. It allows you to get a better focus of an up-close object. Actually you don’t need a really expensive camera for it; there are a lot of good cameras that do a job. And for better shoots use a nice background or even a white background and add some nice stuff like flowers or seeds. So you’ll get very good photos, which you can also use for Instagram as well.

Important! Take your own photos, don’t steal other peoples’. Try not to use stock photos, only if it is urgent and you’re out of resources, because your blog is becoming to look impersonal and it’s always good to have a personal touch on other people blogs.

Make your blog user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. Put the following bottoms on the top side of your blog, so people can easily find it and follow all your social accounts. Make sure you provide an easy-to-follow option on your own blog by placing follow-me badges wherever it’s possible. For example, if you use Blogger, you can add a free widget, which encourages people to follow your blog in their own Google readers, or by adding “Subscribe” button.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great ways to build good relationships with other people and brands and subsequently it helps them to find your blog. Do not underestimate the enormous possibilities which can be offered by this legitimate marketing channel. You always have to remember about this wonderful tool, which is also completely free. Having a social media presence is more than tweeting from time to time. You have to grow real influence, so do not hesitate to use as much social platforms, as possible. Thereby you get completely different subscribers, which will undoubtedly enrich your blog.

Don’t disregard such social media as Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin and Instagram, or even YouTube, while they’re helping you to move on. Also you can add a subscription box to you blog for keeping your followers up to date. If you have not so much time for being active as much as possible, try to use planned publications for any social platform you would like to promote. But firstly, properly test everything and make sure you’re happy with the automatic updates.

Never compare your blog to other people’s blogs. Otherwise you’ll feel very rubbish about yourself, because there is always going to be blogs better than your own. You’ll never go to have the exact same blog, because it’s very personal. And people are different. And if you do have the exact same blog with someone else, your blog is not personable to you. It’s just copying someone else life/blog/thoughts. Just try to love and enjoy your blog and don’t let anybody let you down or humiliate you at some point.

But if you’re going to write a blog purely to get freebies, the things won’t work for you. You should really like your own blog and enjoy it, then, believe me, other people will love it too. So at the beginning of your journey, don’t worry about followers, because if your blog is good, it will take care by itself. Of course, it doesn’t get big overnight; you need some time and effort to make it work. Good things happen to those who wait. Don’t wait for things falling into your hands after one blog post or after 10 days you started your blog. It takes time. Always remember – patience is your best ally!

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  • These are such great tips! Completely agree about social media presence! 🙂 xx

  • I have a big problem of light at the moment. I go back home at night and go to work early in the morning so I can only shoot during the weekend, provided that the weather is nice. I have upgraded my camera recently and I’m very happy with the result but I’m still very frustrated about the light!

    Mika |

  • Great tips. I think patience is so important. So many people think that they will get tons of readers and payout right off the back, and that rarely happens. wonderful post!

  • Great post! The ‘nice and clean’ and ‘easy to navigate’ tips are the ones I look for in other blogs! x


  • Hi Eliza!

    This is really sound advice, presented in a well-written, and reader-friendly style. I always appreciate your blogging advice, and it’s lovely of you to share your insights with your readers.

    I hope you’re having a fab Friday so far! Have a great weekend!

    Saba x

  • Emmajane

    I agree that good photos and patience is a huge one! X

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