Freshen up your home for summer

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With summer approaching, it’s important to re-think your interior and décor choices for your apartment or summer house. There are plenty of things to be changed or updated. I prefer to keep it simple yet elegant in a very minimalist manner. Some time ago I was talking about Scandinavian Décor and how to achieve it, so today let’s talk about how to freshen up your home for summer and to breathe a life into it.

Pastel accents

When you think about freshening up your home for summer and brightening up space, you might think initially that means getting more lamps or light bulbs involved. That is not necessarily the case. You can brighten up space and make it feel fresher by simply using lighter colours and including light fabrics in your decor choices.

The best way to do that is to add some colour accents: change your pillowcases, add some blankets, DIY your coffee table. Small bits and pieces will help you to create an airy atmosphere and it’s definitely a great way to freshen up your home. My choice for this summer season is pastel in every shade. So, I decided to decorate my master bedroom with pastel pink.

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The next great thing that will definitely help you to get the result you desire — posters! Yes, they will not only change your house and add special something to it but create the right atmosphere. Even with neutral walls you can bring in a colour scheme that you like and place it on your wall. That will allow you to create the perfect summer mood.

I personally prefer black and white retro posters to keep the accent very neutral. And, I gather, this creates some kind of 30’s inspired flare while looking very stylish. The best and easiest way to do it is to order some pre-made posters and frames from DESENIO. This is my favourite online store to shop for posters.

freshen up your home 001 - Freshen up your home for summer freshen up your home 002 - Freshen up your home for summerFlowers and Plants

Another wonderful way to breathe life into your space and to freshen up your home for summer is to bring plants and flowers home. A bunch of white blooms in a glass vase is an instant update that works pretty much anywhere. Don’t fancy a flower bouquet? Then think about getting some green plants. They can really spruce a space up — not only will they look gorgeous, but many plants are actually great at cleaning and purifying the air in your apartment. Either way, plants are known to help reduce stress and bring calm and serenity to space.

All in all, think about your interior as something adaptable and sporadic, something that will inspire you during the season. If it doesn’t work, then head to my Pinterest and get some inspiration there.

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