Minimalist balcony makeover

minimalist balcony makeover 001 - Minimalist balcony makeover

How to create a perfect minimalist balcony and make it your own minimalist haven? Eager to dive deep into the Scandinavian design and create your hyggelig sacred place? Then keep on reading.

But before we start with our minimalist balcony makeover, let me quickly introduce you to Scandinavian design in general, so you have a little understanding of Scandinavian decor and how you can incorporate it into your own life. Be sure to check this article for more.

If you want to add some Scandinavian touches to your home decor, first of all, start off with white or grey units, simple decoration pieces, and as the main accent — minimalist nordic decorations.

“Just living isn't enough," — said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."

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To simplify your life and create your safe space, a relaxation spot of your house, is easier than it looks. If you live in the city and don’t own a house with a garden, it shouldn’t be a problem. Why not use a balcony instead — a perfect spot with plenty of fresh air and a piece of sky?

To start off with your minimalist balcony makeover, you need to learn one important thing. Clutter-free surroundings are one of the most important components in creating a perfect minimalist haven.

So clean it up and free yourself from the unnecessary stuff in your life and what's more important, you will free yourself from wanting all these unnecessary things.

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minimalist balcony makeover 012 - Minimalist balcony makeover
Lights and Candles

The perfect minimalist balcony can’t be complete without a suitable lighting. After all, warm, cosy lighting is the key to the perfect minimalist Scandinavian style.

That’s why for my balcony, I’ve decided to add these beautiful large bulbs from Clas Ohlson that I have just strung around the alcove to create my perfect hygge haven.

The first thing that I do every evening is just going outside, light up those lights and candles, and my balcony turns into a perfectly cosy space within seconds with this warm lighting.

After you’ve cleaned everything up and thrown away all the rubbish, take out some chairs, a table or a couch, add some cosy cushions, a good book, and a cup of hot tea. That’s how easy it is.

Even if it’s still warm outside, think about adding a faux-sheepskin rug or a nice cosy plaid blanket. It will add comfort and cosiness to your balcony and let you fully enjoy your long autumn nights.

You have the candles burning, you have some fairy lights and a calming escape to relax in at the end of a long day.

minimalist balcony makeover 009 - Minimalist balcony makeoverHygge

How make your minimalist balcony more hyggelig? If you’re not familiar with the word ‘hygge’ yet, it’s a Danish word for well-being, but in practice — it’s the way of life.

This is actually very easy to incorporate into your life. It’s an experience and an atmosphere. It’s not about things, it’s about that feeling of comfort and cosiness. You’re bringing more light, more positivity, more peace of mind, more happiness, and just that cosy feeling into your life.

You don’t even have to go and buy anything, you just gather the candles and blankets you already have, put on your favourite cuddly jumper, and enjoy yourself.

minimalist balcony makeover 002 - Minimalist balcony makeoverminimalist balcony makeover 004 - Minimalist balcony makeoverminimalist balcony makeover 007 - Minimalist balcony makeoverThis post is in collaboration with Clas Ohlson. All opinions are my own. #ad #ClasOhlson



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