Some of you often ask me on Twitter or Instagram, what kind of brushes do I use on a daily basis. So I decided to sum up all my experience and share with you the brand I currently use and give you some advice about how to choose a proper brush.

It's all about brushes. How to choose a proper makeup brush? DUcare makeup brushes

If you’re a beginner or maybe you’re getting started with the makeup experiments, I recommend you to take a look at DUcare brushes. They have a variety of different types of brushes for any occasion and for very affordable price. And you definitely won’t be disappointed by its quality. Don’t get me wrong; I know, that everyone wants to have some very expensive brushes from MAC, MUFE or Sigma, but believe me, you’ll pay only for the name, not for the quality. I have a bunch of different brushes, but not all of them are good enough to pay extra for.

It's all about brushes. How to choose a proper makeup brush? DUcare makeup brushes

I’m always thrilled to find high-quality makeup brushes. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you my feedback about DUcare Professional Makeup Brushes. You know, how hard it can be to find a great set of brushes to have on your bag or to travel with, especially when you need only a basic set with you for any occasion. Well, I would say, this DUcare 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Black Classic Cosmetic Bag is exactly what you will need to get started. I really enjoy having this set and I love how easy it is to throw into my bag or car and always have it with me to keep perfect look all day.

One of the main reasons I love these brushes is because they don’t shed. There is nothing more annoying than having brushes that shed. I’ve used them over and over and not a sign of any shedding. And they are so easy to clean too. All you need is a little soap and water in the palm of your hand and gently wash them. Truly say, I won’t leave the house without these brushes, because they are super handy to have. And the quality of these brushes is just amazing; they are made of high density goat hair with wooden handle. Bristles are very smooth and comfortable. They’re comfortable to touch and easy to control.

It's all about brushes. How to choose a proper makeup brush? DUcare makeup brushes

So let’s summarize. DUcare Professional Makeup Brush Set is a complete pack with all you need as a beginner to start your set. The perfect cosmetics bag makes travel and storage super easy and practical. All the brushes are very decent and don’t shed. Compared to high end brushes these ones have a decent price and very affordable.

DUcare 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Black Classic Cosmetic Bag
DUcare Professional Premuim Natural Goat Hair Face Blush Powder Brush Tools


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  • These brushes look really lovely, I am always hankering for the Zoeva brushes (they just look so pretty!), I have to say there are so many affordable, yet good quality brushes around. I was in Wilkinson’s the other day (just a large store in England where you can buy everything from furniture, to stationary to Essence Cosmetics) and found a small selection of their brushes, their powder brush is £4 and it is so soft and fluffy, the blush brush was just as gorgeous. Goes to show that low prices don’t always equal bad quality. Great post! Subscribed x

    Kiran |

    • Indeed, the price is not always the best measure of product quality. I agree.

  • I’ve been wanting to invest in some quality makeup brushes but had no ideas where to start! These ones look fab!

    Rachel |

    • They are really nice and pleasant to use. And the price is very affordable indeed!

  • Those sound like great brushes. 🙂

  • Great information for brushes.Thanks!

  • Even though I think I found my holy grail brushes already I like to try a few different ones sometimes as well so thank you for that detailed article!

  • Yeah, they’re defo worth trying! <3