Must Have Pieces for The Colder Months

Now when the winter season is officially here, it’s time to update your wardrobe and invest in some classy pieces. Sometimes it can be such a struggle to find something that is trendy and comfortable at the same time, yet classic enough to last in your wardrobe at least a couple of seasons. I don’t want to force you to break a bank, so I got you covered. I thought I would show you some of my must-have pieces for the colder months, that will give your wardrobe a new life and definitely spice it up a bit.

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When it comes to my personal style, I prefer to stick to something classic. Nudes and blacks are my favourite tones to wear, and I like to keep it effortless. Dressed up with a good quality blazer and some denim is my saving grace right now.

I love to keep it trendy and elegant at the same time. So for this look, I decided to go for a must-have item of the season – a long checked blazer with lapel collar and long sleeves from Shein. And I’m head over heels for this 80’s inspired trend.


A good pair of trainers is a must nowadays. They are no longer just for the active amongst us; they’ve become a part of our fashion wardrobe. And today I’m styling up these Reebok Freestyle Hi Satin Bow trainers from Foot Locker Europe.

It’s a new super feminine version of their Freestyle trainers. First, they came out originally in the 80’s, and you still can feel the vibes of it, right? Not mentioning how pretty they are, these trainers are also very comfy to wear. The white colour makes them even more appealing, so you can basically wear them with everything.

By the way, these lovely trainers are on sale at the moment, so hurry up and get it with almost 30% discount.

Must have pieces for the colder months Must have pieces for the colder months Reebok Hi Bow Freestyle


Messy hair is trending pretty hard right now. And to be honest effortless messy waves have saved me from many a bad hair day over the years. And they always give you that chic vibe, look gorgeous on any length and type of hair and just so easy-to-do and rather casual at the same time.

To finish the outfit off, I keep things simple with a pair of sunglasses and a classic handbag from Sienna Jones.

350 - Must Have Pieces for The Colder Months

Must have pieces for the colder months

  • Fantastic post,you look pretty <3 I love your blazer 🙂

  • Hey Beautiful:)
    Wish you Happy 2018:)
    That Blazer is sooo chic and Classy Darling:)
    Love how you styled:)
    That Handbag is super Cool too:)
    Love,Kisses Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Weekend for you:)

  • Pipesnbuttons

    I’m with you on the blazer trend! I’ve been loving all the check blazers that I’ve been seeing from all my fashionista bloggers on Insta. I caved in and bought one. And sneakers, don’t even go there with me, hahahaha that’s all I’ve been wearing since I’ve been pregnant. I love your classic white sneaks!

  • I definitely think having some great kicks is so essential to any wardrobe! Too bad I can’t fit any of my sneakers at the moment because of my swollen feet and we’re in the middle of summer!! That blazer is so chic and I love how you’ve styled it all back with white sneakers.

    I’d also say a versatile bomber is another one to add 😉

    H x

  • Marcy Yu

    I absolutely love cold months only to play with my wardrobe lol! Is the best season to play dress and mix many layers. I agree that we all need a perfect blazer and some cute kick! Specially for all those female traveler we need to look comfy but more import tan stylish lol!! I absolutely love your waves btw.


  • Plaid def is the print of this season. I am loving that blazer on you and how you mixed the sporty sneakers with this for a more chic look. I love the Gucci statement belt, they make everything look so good and you are killing it with this outfit.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • Toni Caggiano

    love love love your style and that belt!

  • jacqueline

    I’ve been looking for the perfect blazer. Lately I’ve actually been super into the blazer look. And a perfect pair of sneakers. Love how you styled both together

  • Hi Eliza,

    So effortless and chic yet so comfy outfit! I love your blazer – it looks so comfy and warm. Also, love the book on your pictures – How to be Parisian. It’s my all-time favorite!


  • Erika Ravnsborg

    Very chic. It’s nice to see casual and classy mixed

  • Hi Eliza,

    You look so effortlessly chic. I have been looking this blazer so long!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Amanda N Dustin Smith

    Blazers are probably one of my favorite items but I also like statment sleeves sooooo I’ve been having issues fitting my sleeves into my blazers! lol I really adore white fresh kicks too! They are perfect to still look chic but comforatble, while keeping those tootsies warm! I really adore your blazer choice here! The pattern is perfect! I also love your Sienna Jones handbag! It’s classic! I don’t have really any classic black handbags and I’m in desperate need of at least one! Every girl should have one!

    Manda |

  • I’m also all about messy waves too – somehow you always look polished in them and they are so easy to do and maintain! Love the blazer – I’m on the hunt for a longer plaid coat. I just thrifted a vintage one but it’s not exactly what I want. But for $13 it was totally worth a try. And you can’t go wrong with fresh white kicks!

  • Tandya

    I am obsessed with your winter must haves! A blazer is a must for me every season! Surely the colors/patterns change, but I literally buy a few new ones every few months. The plaid trend is so hot right now! I love the part about the messy hair! This works in my favor, because sometimes I accidentally leave my house without washing my hair! OOPS!


  • I am in love this that jacket! It is so chic! I love your bag too!

  • Christine

    I love this casual yet chic look! A plaid blazer is literally the IT blazer this season and a must have indeed. I love that you styled this look with trainers too and not just any kind of sneaker, but one with bows! Too darling in my opinion. I have been googling over this Gucci belt since people started getting it and still debating whether or not to get it but I love how a statement it makes and how it pulls together a classic outfit like this together. Your hair looks amazing and love the “messy” waves. xoxo, Christine

  • Love how you styled this look! That blazer is so on point and such a versatile piece. I also love your cute bow sneakers. Totally agree that trainers are a staple piece everyone needs!