Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017

Wicker Basket Bags – you either love them or hate them. Yes, the straw bags have become one of the must-have trends this season. But why do actually all the fashionistas go crazy about it? I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these bags already – from oversize totes to mini box bags. Am I right? It’s so easy to fall in love with this trend because it’s so feminine and very elegant.

Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Canteen Ivan, Fashion Confession, girl in yellow dress, fashion week berlin, streetstyle


I’m not the exception though, so I fall in love with this trend so easily and put my hands on some lovely straw pieces. My wicker basket bags I found at Abury, they have so many gorgeous handmade designs, I simply couldn’t resist.

The statement-making Leather Bucket Bag Angelina became my favourite piece to wear around. Its simple slim silhouette, combined with smooth leather and sturdy bast material, looks so chic and rather unique and definitely goes perfectly with everything. The braided strap and tassels complete its appearance, adding some luxury touch to the whole look.

Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Leather Bucket Bag Angelina, Fashion Confession Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Leather Bucket Bag Angelina, Fashion Confession

Another straw bag I have a soft spot in my heart for is this Leather Canteen Bag Ivan. The round shape, the striking combination of materials and the playful details – what can be better for a city walk or an appearance on any fashion event? While I was on the go during Berlin Fashion Week, I had no chance to play around with different outfits. So I decided to go for this yellow eye-catching dress, suede heels from EMU Australia and create this rather romantic look with both of these wicker basket bags.

Are you already on board with this new trend? If not, then hurry up and spice up your style with this elegant accessory. And by the way, which bag is your favourite?

Special thanks to Vadim Photography for these stunning photos!

Wicker Basket Bags Trend 006 - Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017 Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Canteen Ivan, Fashion Confession, girl in yellow dress

Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Canteen Ivan, Fashion Confession Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Canteen Ivan, Fashion ConfessionWicker Basket Bags Trend 2017, Abury Bag Canteen Ivan, Fashion Confession, three girls, fashion week berlin, streetstyle

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  • Gorgeous look! Love the bags!!

  • You look fantastic ♥♥ Nice bags 🙂

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Let’s start with the yellow dress you wore for Berlin Fashion Week. I believe it’s absolutely stunning and no need to change outfits all the time when you have a statement piece like that. Add a wicker basket bag to that and you’re done. Simple, but ever so sophisticated. I’m a bag lover myself and am looking for a straw bag that isn’t too feminine, preferably a tote, but am yet to find one, so I’ll keep searching. 🙂 Out of the bags you showed us, the round one is my favorite for sure.
    Thomas xx

  • Yiotou_La

    I love basket and straw bags, they are the perfect accessory for summer!!! And that yellow dress looks amazing on you!!


  • Chelf Chelfdom

    what a gorgeous outfit! The bag is lovely but it’s YOU that make everything stand out! So beautiful!

  • Diana Horsfall

    Omg I am in love with Your leather Canteen Ivan bag! It looks so unique and could look statement in anything you would wear!

  • I love your Leather Canteen Ivan Bag! I’m personally not a fan of wicker basket bags because they are pretty hard – I would prefer something soft and lightweight. But hey, the bags you carry look so summery and awesome on u 🙂 U make me wanna loan a few of those bags for OOTD purposes *hehe*

  • Jill Wright

    I love the Leather Canteen bag! So cute and it looks like you could fit a lot in this one. It’s so funny that this trend has come back around as I used to love stealing my mums when I was a lot younger… and now I’m back scouring the stores for the perfect wicker bag! J.x P.S. You girls are squad goals!!!!

  • Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    Ohhh Love the Bags:) I can’t even chose which is my Favorite:) Maybe the last cutie one:)
    And the Yellow Dress is a Dream:)
    Happy Week
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • Amanda N Dustin Smith

    I love both of these bags! Wicker bags are just stunning! They’re so versatile and I think that’s another reason they are so popular! Not to mention, they scream summer! I love your beautiful yellow dress and adore how you styled it with those cute heels and of course both of those bags! I’m especially a fan of the round one! I’ve been coveting this style for some time now! Definitely headed to check them out now!

    Manda Lee | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  • Jacqueline Scarlett

    I have been seeing this trend everywhere! They’re the perfect summer staple. Loving the round wicker bag and how you paired both with that bold yellow dress. I have yet to invest in one but really need to! I especially like these two because they have that leather contrast! So chic!

  • Candace

    I only recently just fell in love with this trend myself and I am head over heels in love! I particularly love the circle shaped one you have and how the color is so universal. The color I have is more of a darker brown, but your widget list makes me want more!


  • I love both of these bags and I am obsessed with this trend. I think the second one- the round one- is my favorite. It’s has such a Cool vibe to it. Your pictures are gorgeous as always.

    xx, Maryam

  • Sofia N

    Honestly I prefer the all leather bucket bags, this type of bags have more of a beach or vacation vibe while I like it to look minimal and trendy. Even though the bags are super cute I would buy one. I love how you paired them up with this gorgeous yellow dress.


  • Love the wicker bag trend, yours are both gorgeous..especially love the circular one!
    Need to get myself one, they go so well with summer outfits. Always ready for a picnic 😛
    Ps love the yellow dress xx


  • I love this trend! I just picked up the cutest little wicker tote that I can’t wait to wear. Both of your Abury bags are so insanely chic. And your yellow dress is perfection! Great choices for fashion week!



  • Warren Pasi

    Am obsessed with the wikker basket bag trend! and your styling with the Abury bags are perfect! Love the yellow dress

  • I love this trend! And how fashion is eternal. I have one wicker bag from my grandma, that is older then me. I think that they are such a statement piece and that they lift every combination! I love both of these, but I think the second one is my favourite!

  • Mary Graves

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